Today, I’ll be sharing my opinion on essentials clothing items you need in your closet! These are items that I personally think will NEVER go out of style or trend! This is for anyone who is interested in learning more about fashion or who wants to get into fashion!

Disclaimer: this is my opinion only. I’m not a professional stylist or anything.

1. BASICS: this is CRUCIAL! A black and white T-shirt, tank, long sleeve, v-neck. Any will do! Something super simple is sometimes the best! I got all of these from Forever 21. The regular length ones were $3 and the cropped ones were $5. I wouldn’t spend too much on basic tops because it’s not worth it. But you can definitely find these anywhere!

2. Jean Jacket: I feel like a jean jacket is something that’ll always be a plus for an outfit! You can just throw it on top of anything and it’ll automatically turn cool! I got mine from Goodwill. I added the holes myself. But forever 21 has some really good ones! If you’re willing to spend more money, I would go to Levi’s!

3. Leather jacket: just like the jean jacket, the leather jacket is great for a more grunge, edgy look! This leather jacket is from forever 21 for about $30. I wish it was black, but grey will do!

4. Blue jeans: everyone needs AT LEAST 1 pair of jeans in their closet! I hear a lot of people say they look horrible in jeans, but that’s not true! Everyone looks great in jeans! You just have to find ones that fit good! I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE American Eagle jeans. They’re so nice around the butt and legs! They have so many different pairs of jeans as well! They can get kind of pricy depending on the style, but mine were $30-$40. Definitely invest in good pair. They usually last for years!

5. Black pants: similar to jean jeans, black jeans are something that are great for the closet too! I’ve actually worn these black pants to an interview! Sometimes, black pants are just better than blue jeans! Definitely get some ripped black jeans too! These forever 21 pants were only $10.

6. Button- up shirt: A button up shirt is always good to have in the closet! Its great for any interview, professional meet-up etc. I wore this one to an interview as well! This one is from Forever 21 as well, but I promise you, go to your local Goodwill or thrift store. They have SO MANY button up shirts in the mens and women’s section!


7. Bralettes: If you don’t like wearing regular bras, gets some barrettes! They’re just like sports bra, but lacey. They usually don’t have underwire, and they’re super comfy. They’re very flattering when they’re kind of exposed in some shirts and dresses. You can never really go wrong with one! They match anything. You can also find them in every color! Again, Forever 21, Aerie, and Urban Outfitters has some really good ones for good prices!

8. Sneakers: Black and white sneakers are so MUST HAVE! Everyone needs 1 pair of sneakers! For everyday wear! Nike’s, Van’s, Converse’s, etc.. The variety of different black and white sneakers are endless! I love my black vans, they go with any outfit! Super comfy, and good to walk in! Converse as well are great!


9. Nude heels: I love nude heels! I got both of mine from Target for about $25-$30. I love these because the heels are thicker and easier to walk in! Cause, ya girl cannot walk in heels very good! These are great because they’re so simple yet, so classy. Pair these up with a pair of jeans and you’ll still look good!


10. Hoop Earrings: Now, I know not everyone likes hoop earrings, but I love them! They just add sass into your outfit and its great when you want to add just a little more. I’m not sure where I got mine, but every store pretty much sells them these days!


Check out my youtube video!: ESSENTIALS CLOTHING ITEMS | 2018



HEY EVERYONE! Today, I’m bringing you another super easy DIY!! I feel like this has been around for a long time, but since spring is coming around, I figured why not add some more into my room! This DIY is sooo easy and fun, so let’s get started!!

You’re going to need:

-Fake flowers. I got mine at dollar tree. As you can tell, I got all white flowers, but you can get whatever kind of flowers you want! I don’t suggest getting real flowers and I also suggest getting different kinds of fake flowers unless you want them all the same! But totally up to you!


– Clear line. I just took some of my dads fishing line, but you can find clear line I’m sure anywhere. (Hobby lobby, Walmart, etc…)

-Wooden stick. You can find wooden sticks at hobby lobby for $.60!!! This is optional, but it’s better than taping the flowers onto the wall!

Step one: Cut the flowers off from the base since they’re all connected.

Step two: Separate into sections. I put 4 flowers on each piece of string.

Step three: This will be a bit time consuming, but totally worth it! I don’t have a specific length that I cut my strings into, but I made them fairly long. I suggest leaving a couple of inches from beginning so you have room to tie the string onto the wooden stick. All I did was double knot the fake flowers onto the string. I didn’t space them out very far from each other. But they will be facing downwards since the flowers have some weight to them compared to the string.

Step four: After you’re done tying all the flowers onto the string, go ahead and tie them onto the wooden sticks.

And that’s it!


HEY GUYS! Tie up shirts are sooo trendy right now and stylish, but it sucks when you can’t find them in a color you want or a pattern you like. So, here I am showing you guys how to make these yourselves!

Let’s get started!

Things you’ll need:

– any shirt you want, mine is from old navy for under $5.


-measurement tool

-writing or marking tool

1.The first thing I did was cut the shirt in half. (Front layer only)

2. You’re also going to turn this into a vneck tee. So, measuring 9inches from the center cut you made, to the neck lining (diagonally), make the vneck and cut it out!

3. This next part might be a little confusing, but just try to stay with me. From the center cut, you’re going to measure 2 inches horizontally by 12 inches vertically from the bottom of the shirt. This is going to make the ties for the shirt. Repeat on both sides.

4. You’re going to be left with a rectangle with the rest of the shirt. Go ahead and cut that out. (Front layer only). Make sure not to cut off the ties! Go ahead and curt if the back. (Straight cut)

5. I went ahead and cut the ties a little shorter and cut the neck lining off so you don’t have that awkward thing sticking out or so you don’t have to tuck it in.

6. That’s it!

Super simple and easy to do! I hope it was easy to follow! Please watch my YouTube video down below, if you need more instructions!

Much love! Xoxo



It’s that time of the year again! Single or in a relationship, dress up for yourself and take some pictures for instagram! Here are so outfit inspiration to help you out!


Shirt: Tilly’s

Skirt: Forever 21

Boots: Forever 21

Belt: EBay

Hoop earrings: Forever 21

Bag: Forever 21


Shirt: Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: DSW


Dress: Forever 21

Jacket: Forever 21

Boots: Forever 21

Earrings: Charolette Russe

Belt: Ebay


Romper: Forever 21

Booties: Forever 21

Earrings: Forever 21

Bralette: target


Pants: Forever 21

Shirt: American Eagle

Shoes: DSW

Purse: Michael Kores

Cardigan: Burlington

Here is a link to my YouTube video of these outfits if you wanted to watch the video instead!

My tattoos | EMILYXIONG

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be talking about my tattoos! The meanings and pricing! I won’t be talking about pain and the process of getting tattoos, etc.. because there are so many videos and blogs about it online. I have 5 tattoos! Lol. So, let’s get started!!

DISCLAIMER: this is MY body. I don’t care what others think of my tattoos, don’t make rude comments because you think these are too,”basic”. These are all meaningful to me and these are what I love and I do want more!

My first tattoo is this one: God is greater than the ups and downs : inside right forearm

I got this tattoo in January of 2016. I actually got this tattoo with my mom! LOL! (She’s a badass). This tattoo means God is greater than the ups and downs. I actually got this off of Pinterest, ( I know, dumb), but this really stuck with both my mom and I. A lot of people who are close to me probably don’t know this, but I’m actually very religious. This tattoo for both of us was $80 so, $40 each. Which in my opinion, is a very good price because if you know tattoos, they can get very expensive.

My second tattoo: Mountain tattoo: left putter forearm

This mountain tattoo doesn’t have any meaning to it. Lol, again, saw this on Pinterest and thought it looked super cool. I really want to say this has a meaning to it, but it really doesn’t. Haha. So lame. To be honest, this is probably my least favorite tattoo, lol. I wish the tattoo artist put this mountain a little closer to my hand because I think it looks kind of weird, but oh well. Can’t do anything about it anymore, I really wish I could go back and move this tattoo like on my back or the back of my arm. Haha, this tattoo costs $60, which I think is a bit expensive, but that is the minimum for that tattoo parlor. If you guys don’t know, most tattoo parlors have a minimum pricing and that place happened to be $60. but onto the next!

My third tattoo: roman numerals: left bicept.

This Roman numeral tattoo means a lot to me. This date is December 14, 2016. Which is my baptism date. Again, I’m very religious. Being baptized is something very special to me. If you guys are Christian, then you know what gettin baptized means. Lol. I actually originally wanted to get my parents anniversary date because I love my parents and really wanted to get a tattoo for them, but they were like,” we don’t even know when our actual anniversary is.” Pretty sure that was a lie because they didn’t want me to get another tattoo. Haha, but I’ve always wanted a tattoo on my inner bicep. I’ve always love that area for a tattoo. This one was $80.

For my last 2 tattoos, I actually got them together.

My fourth tattoo: Cross : inside of right ankle

Pretty simple. It’s a cross tattoo. Lol, again, I’m Christian. I’ve always wanted a cross tattoo. I actually really wanted this on my ring finger, but the tattoo artist warned me that finger tattoos don’t last very long. So I said, fuck it. Just put it on my ankle. Haha

My fifth tattoo: Come as you are quote: putter left lower leg

This tattoo says,” come as you are”. This quote was found on Pinterest. I really don’t know what the font this is in. Lol, this quote really stood out to me. It’s a self love quote, I’m really big on loving yourself. I lacked a lot of self confidence until 2015. I believe that everyone should love themselves before anyone else. It’ll just make you happier in the end if you are happy from within. This is by far my favorite tattoo.

These were both $60.

These are all my tattoos for now! Haha I can’t wait to get more, I know my parents don’t want me too, but oh well. My body. Hahaha. I hope you guys enjoy and maybe get inspired! Feel free to take these design if you want, I really don’t mind!

Thanks for reading! XOXO

-Emily (2017)

21 Random facts about me!!!

Hey everyone! Here are some super random facts about me! I figured why not share some stuff about me!! So, here it goes! If you want to watch the video instead, here it is! :

1. I’ve never gotten a bloody nose before.

2. I have 5 tattoos and I want more! They’re so addicting!

3. I look 15 but I’m 20 years old.

4. I had braces for 2 years and they didn’t do much for me, but it’s probably because I have small teeth.

5. I never went to my prom in high school.

6. My first name isn’t Emily

7. I only have 3 bottom teeth instead of 4. I discovered this right before I got my braces put on.

8. I have double jointed thumbs and pinkies

9. I’m not a picky eater

10. I binged watched the entire stranger things 2 in 1 day. The first day it came out

11. I cut open my hand with a butter knife trying to cut open an orange and I got 6 stitches

12. I don’t like drinking soda. I stopped drinking soda my sophomore year when I started working at McDonald’s. I’m not saying I don’t drink soda at all because I do once in a blue moon, but it is not my choice of drink.

13. I split open my skull when I was younger and had my head glued back together

14. I suck @ school lol

15. I hated taking pills until I was the age of 18

16. I have a fear of sleeping on my back because of sleep paralysis

17. I drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day, same with tea

18. I cannot stand shredded cheese on my salad. I just hate the texture of it.

19. I hate cold weather even tho I live in a super cold state

20. I’ve never been to the west coast before

21. I’ve never been pulled over by the cops before with the 4-5 years of driving