Hey everyone! I recently went to Los Angeles, California and wanted to share the things we did, but instead of telling you another probably boring day by day, here are a number of photos representing our trip!

Malibu, California:

Downtown Los Angeles:

Culver City, California:


I hope you guys enjoyed these photos because I honestly love taking pictures of random things when I’m on vacation! Don’t forget to share this, like, comment, and follow my socials!

– Emily ❤️

NYC Travels! |2019

I went to NYC for the first time! Here is what we did!

Day 1: We explored Lower Manhattan this day since our hotel is located in lower Manhattan. I will let you know now that we did not ride the subway at all!! We took Uber’s to places if we needed too and walked everywhere! We probably walked a total of 20 miles our entire stay! Probably not the best idea to get Uber’s because they’re super expensive, but we were willing to pay! Our hotel was right next to Chinatown, so you know we stopped there! We first stopped at a place called Wah Fung for breakfast. I got roast duck and rice. My boyfriend got roast pork. These are only $6 each.

Our next stop was the World Trade Center, 9/11 memorial, the Statute of Liberty, and the Washington Square arch. This was definitely breathtaking. We didn’t take a ferry or anything to go and see the Statue of Liberty. Seeing it from afar was good enough for me! 😃

Stopped at a little ice cream place called PopBar!

This picture is of New Jersey

After we saw all of these things, we decided to head back to our hotel to rest for a bit and change because it was SO HOT! I was sweating so much. Lol. An hour or two later, we went to get some food from this place called Shu Jiao Fu Zhou cuisine. If you’re on a budget, I Highly recommend this place! We got these peanut butter noodles and 10 pork/ chive dumplings for $6! We decided to go look at some shops. I also needed to get some sneakers because my dumb self didn’t pack any.

I got some new white Reebok’s. After this we headed back to our hotel to check out our rooftop bar! If you’re 21+, I would say stop by the Public hotel to see the view from this place! You get to see the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center building!

Going back to our room, we decided to Postmate some food because we’re fatasses. Looks can definitely be deceiving because this wasn’t AS good as it looks. 😢

DAY 2: Today we explored Midtown!

First thing we ate today was Shake shack! They had this little pop up shop right next to the Flatiron building. We started walking towards the Empire State Building to Times Square to Central Park! After we saw all of this, we went to a ramen place called Irchian Ramen. My boyfriend and I have been wanting to try this place for 2 years now! It’s originally from Japan and they just opened some restaurants not too long ago in NYC! It was definitely the BEST ramen I’ve ever had! We decided to Uber back because it’s a 3 mile walk.

Coming back to our hotel again to rest and shower because again, I sweat SO MUCH. We were ready to go out again. We went straight to eat at a Korean BBQ place called Jongro BBQ. After that we went straight back to our hotel. I was sooooo exhausted!

DAY 3: Since we saw all of the tourist things, we decided to go to the Chelsea Market today! Before we went there, we ate at a place called Tim Ho Wan. It’s a Chinese restaurant. Super good! Chelsea is hands down probably my favorite to explore. It’s not SUPER busy and the architect of the buildings is so beautiful! Chelsea market is filled with cute shops and lots of food and drinks! We stopped and got a lobster roll that was delicious! We also stopped to eat at another ramen place called Ippudo. It wasn’t as good as Ichiran!

We headed back to our hotel to cool down and rest once again. We decided to go back to Times Square, but at night! It’s definitely better at night than during the day! We ended up eating Ichiran again because we loved it so much! Get the matcha dessert they have! It’s soooo good! It has the texture of ice cream. It’s also not super sweet, which I like. If you like beer, I suggest you try their matcha beer. It has that beer taste, obviously, but it doesn’t have an after taste!

Day 4: This is our last day, sadly. We had to check out of our hotel at 12. Our flight wasn’t until 7:45 PM. So, we had no choice, but to pull our luggage along with us all day today! We started off today with a fast food restaurant called Xi’an Famous foods. The fat noodles are sooo chewy! I really enjoyed them! After that, we decided to go to Dumbo, Brooklyn. This was one of my favorite places to go! The view of Manhattan is incredible! I suggest everyone to go at least once! New York is really big on pizza! So, ya girl had to try Juliana’s pizza! They always have a wait/ line. So I ordered take out! I got a classic Margarita pizza. It was totally worth it. Sadly, they only sell by whole pizza’s. Not by slice. So, I had to carry the rest of the pizza with me! We walked around a bit, to kill time. My boyfriends suitcase unfortunately got stuck and I broke it by ripping the handle off.. lol. My bad. We headed to a place called the New World Market. It’s basically a huge Asian mall. With a ton of Asian restaurants, a grocery story, and retail shops! Luckily, they sell suitcases! This place is fairly close to the airport as well. So, we headed to the airport and called it a day!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you think in the comments below!

-Emily ❤️

Public Hotel, NYC.

Hi everyone! I recently went to New York City and I wanted to show you the hotel we stayed at! We stayed at the Public hotel By Ian Schrager. I love reviewing hotels, so let’s get started! This hotel is located in lower Manhattan.

1. The lobby: I didn’t get many photos of the lobby, but hotel has a very modern, industrial feel to it. This hotel is also very busy and popular. It has a restaurant, a rooftop bar, other  bars, and a club. If you do not like that, I wouldn’t suggest this place for you! As it gets very busy on the weekends! Even though there is all of this going on, we couldn’t hear any of it from our room! Which is fantastic! (Please note that we stayed on the 14th floor, so you might hear more noise on lower floors.)

Pictured is the walkway to the hotel entrance and the escalators you’ll see when you first walk in, as well as some of the lobby.)

Pictures above are provided by the hotel website. The ones below are from me.

2. The room: We stayed on the 14th floor in a queen bedroom with a view. To be honest, we thought the room was going to look different. It’s not like the boxy ones online. (I inserted a picture down below) As they’re advertised the most. I don’t mean to complain though because we still had an amazing view and the room was still clean and modern! Walking in, the first thing you see on your right is the sink with 2 closets and on the left is the bathroom. I like to make myself feel right at home as you can see. Past the closet, you’ll see the bed, with a desk and a nightstand. The night stand holds the fridge in it. Then you’ll see the view! The room has something called “room controls”. On the right side of the bed. It controls the lights, shades, and temperature. The room also has Apple TV. This is really random, but the ceilings are concrete, which is very industrial. They do not have any microwaves in the rooms or down in the lobby, which was very disappointing. We had a ton of leftover food, but we couldn’t even enjoy it because they had no microwaves. There is also no mini bar in the room, if you like that. They do give you complementary water bottles.

*** what I thought our room was going to look like.***

Our actual room:

3. The bathroom: Surprisingly, they don’t have many pictures of the bathroom on their website, besides the ones in the suites. Im not too picky on bathrooms because, let’s be honest. It’s a bathroom. I will say that the door is just a sliding door. It’s not very private. The floor does become all wet and gross when you do shower, so just keep that in mind to lay down a towel outside of the door. I wouldn’t recommend this hotel if you’re traveling with family/ friends/ business. If you like your privacy. Overall it’s fine. The sink area is on the outside of the bathroom. They do provide shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

4. The rooftop: Even if you’re not staying at this hotel, come by just to see the rooftop! It has an amazing 180 view! You can see the Empire State Building AND the World Trade Center building! It gets very busy on the weekends, so don’t be mad if you can’t get by the edge of the building. Everyone is there to see the view, you’ll just have to wait your turn to get to the edge. The rooftop opens from 11AM -3PM for lunch and again from 5PM -2 AM. I will say that you CAN’T get onto the rooftop, unless you’re 21 after lunch. They didn’t ID us the first day because it was very busy, but the second day they did. Also, the drinks are very pricy because it’s New York. It’s $17 for a drink. So, be prepared. 😅 We did not go to the club, but I heard the lines are ridiculously long! The lines for the rooftop also get very long, so I’d recommend coming before sunset! The tables are always reserved as well. If you want to reserve one, I’d call probably a day or more before. The rooftop space in general is not very big. It is very over crowded.

I see a lot of reviews online saying how the workers are rude or too young or immature. All of the workers were nothing but, kind and helpful for us. Everyone is SUPER SUPER friendly! Also, I see reviews of people saying that the rooms are “small”, but let’s be honest. It’s a hotel room.. Unless you’re getting a suite, they’re all going to be small. A hotel is a room is just a place you’ll shower and sleep at anyways. This hotel definitely isn’t cheap. Depending on when you book, it can be anywhere from $195-$400/ night. I’d suggest booking at least 4-5 months ahead to get the cheapest price! (It also depends on what room you get.) Breakfast is NOT included. They do have a few complimentary items. Overall, I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who comes to NYC!

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Let me know what you think below!

-Emily ❤️


NYC lookbook! | 2019

I recently went to NYC. Here is the lookbook!

Throughout our stay, I changed twice a day because I underestimated the weather and got all gross and sweaty. Hahaha 😭

1. During the day:

Shirt: Romwe

Pants: Romwe

Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s

Fanny pack & backpack: Jansport

At night:

Shirt: Romwe

Pants: Forever 21

Belt & earrings: Romwe

2. During the day:

Shorts: Forever 21

Shirts: Forever 21

Shoes: Reebok

At night:

Skirt & shirt: Forever 21

Purse: Thrift store

3. During the day:

Shirt: Forever 21

Skirt: thrift store

Purse: thrift store

Shoes: Forever 21

Earrings: Romwe

At night:

Shirt: Romwe

Shorts: thrifted

Shoes: Reebok

4. Last day:

Shirt: Forever 21

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Reebok

Earrings: Romwe

Necklace: local shop

Talking about my insecurities

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to shed some light on things not everyone likes to talk about. We are all insecure about something. Even the hottest supermodels out there have them. I wanted to share some of mine and how I try to really embrace them. I also wanted to point out that I feel like we don’t even have insecurities about ourselves until someone points it out to us and then we get self conscious about it. No one can make you feel insecure about yourself, unless you let them.  Let’s get started.

1. My teeth. I don’t want to say that my teeth were THE WORST, but they were crooked. I inserted some pics below. I really didn’t see a big issue with them UNTIL I had an ex boyfriend point them out to me. I remember him telling me numerous times that I needed braces. At the time, I felt super offended. But In the long run, I somewhat appreciated him telling me. (I know, weird.) I didn’t see how crooked my teeth were until I really looked at them! I was BEGGING my parents to get me braces so I can could feel better about myself. My parents, being the loving people they are, kept telling me how I have such straight teeth and that I didn’t need them. Holding my ground still, I FINALLY got them my senior year in high school. I remember hating them! I looked sooooo bad with them on and I probably looked so young too! (Baby face probs) I thought once I got my braces off, I’d look like the baddest bitch out there! Nope. lol. I have a super small mouth, that comes with small teeth! I actually only have 3 bottom front teeth, which is a bit hard to explain. So, I’m still somewhat insecure, yet just totally over it at this point. I’ve learned to like my teeth at certain angles. The only problem with this one is that you can’t shape your teeth into something else. Like how we can shape our body. So, I’m just going to have to deal with this one until I can afford to get some fake ones. Lol. (Here are some CRINGY PHOTOS OF ME. EWWW.) lol. These are from 2015-2016 to 2019.




2. My stomach fat. I feel like this is what girls are insecure about the most (and some guys). I could workout everyday and eat super healthy until I got a 6 pack, but I LOVE food sooooo much. It’s hard for me to be on a “diet.” I write diet in quotation marks because being on a diet shouldn’t be something you do for 6 weeks only. It’s a lifestyle change. It’s something you need to do EVERYDAY to maintain the kind of body you want! I’m still trying to learn what works with me the most because we all have different bodies types. Also because I freaking love deep fried food. Lol. I’m not going to blame social media for this, but I do have a feeling that since it’s SO BIG now to be a model or to follow those fitness people, we tend to blame ourselves for not looking like the girls online. Just remember, you can ALWAYS transform your body if you’re ready to make that change! You can do literally do what the girls do online. I have to remind myself everyday that Instagram is just a highlight reel and that we can transform our bodies into what we want if we put in the work!

3. My double chin. I feel like this one is so silly and I’ve learned to just forget about it, but it’ll always be there. I haven’t really noticed my double chin until a couple of years ago. I was about 19 years old and that’s when I started to really gain weight. Going to parties, eating whatever I wanted, etc… I literally gained like 20 pounds. That’s the same time I started to take pictures more and more. If you follow me on Instagram, you can probably tell that I don’t really smile too often in photos and I really like the left side of my face. That’s because my jawline looks the best on that side. I have a very soft jawline. Which is fine, but it still makes me insecure. It wasn’t until I went back to look at old photos of me that I realized I’ve always had a line under my chin, creating a double chin. I really just stopped caring for it and learned to embrace that it’ll always be with me. Here are some photos of me in middle school to now!

4. Let’s talk about brains. Not actual brains. I’m talking about being in school. I was NEVER the smart kid in school. I’m actually surprised that I even graduated high school if I’m being honest. Throughout my time in school, I NEVER did well. It’s not like I skipped school that often (only my senior year because, why not??) or like I failed a lot of classes. (I only failed in algebra 2 my junior year, lol.) But I was never really connected in school. I remember being in middle school, looking at my friends class schedule only to find out we had no classes together and they were put into the regular classes and I was put into those double block classes because I had a hard time learning. My brain was always somewhere else and I had a hard time comprehending what was going on in class. I excelled in things like music, gym, and art. The only class I did really well in was Psychology! I remember taking test and getting only 1 or 2 questions wrong. Which was really surprising to me. Lol I should’ve told my teachers or parents about it, but I was SO embarrassed to talk about it. I’m still pretty embarrassed to talk about it now. I did not go to college and I don’t plan on going at all. Not being book smart definitely has its downsides, like not knowing what some words mean when I should or not knowing some history thing or not knowing where and when to put comas or something.  It’s a little hard for me to explain if you don’t go through it yourself. I don’t know I have some other kind of concentration problem, but I’ve learned that I am a very hands on learner. I have to really teach myself how to do things because I don’t care to pay attention. This is definitely something I’m still trying to work on because I know just because I’m not book smart doesn’t mean I’m not smart at all. I just excel in things that are not academic. If you are still in school and you’re struggling, please know that you’re not the only one and please tell someone so you can learn in the way that helps you the most!

I graduated in 2015.

5. My acne. I’ve talked about this before, so I’ll link my video. Just to give you a little backstory, I don’t want to say that I had THE WORST acne ever because I didn’t. I was still VERY insecure about mine though! I mainly had acne on my forehead, nose, and chin. I really struggled with acne my junior- senior year. I joined dance my senior year, so obviously when you’re performing, you want to look your best. I remember feeling sooooo insecure because we had freshmen on our team who had both straight teeth and clear skin! Being only 1 of the 2 seniors on team, I felt so. ugly. I literally have tried sooooooooo many different things and products to get rid of my acne! Some things worked, but not that much. It didn’t help either that my family would point it out. So, y’all are shitty. Like I KNOW I HAVE ZITS, you don’t need to point it out. I went to a dermatologist to help with my acne and it definitely helped sooo much! I started birth control when I was 19, which also helped even more! So, my advice for people who do have bad acne, is to really just go get professional help. They know what to do and what they’re talking about. Don’t waste your money on drug store products because not all of them are right for your skin!

Dance pic:

I’m cringing so hard right now (2015):

I honestly could go on and on, but these are just a few of my main insecurities. I just hope you know we all have insecurities and its great to talk about them to other people and see if we can help each other out! Let me know what you think down below!

– Emily ❤

Back to school look book! |2019

Hey everyone! It’s back to school already! This is so crazy to me because I swear summer just started and once summer ends the rest of the year always goes by sooooo fast! Who agrees with me on that?? Anyways, I haven’t been in school since 2015. Lol, but I always loved dressing up for school because I love fashion! So, picking out my own outfits was really fun! Also, when your outfit looks great, you just feel great during school! I don’t know what everyone’s dress code is, but I know that for us, there was no spaghetti straps and your dresses/ skirts had to be longer than your finger tips when your arms are down. If that makes sense. Lol. Let’s get started!

1. Starting off with this outfit, this is one of my favorites! I loveeeee pants, that are not jeans! Soft and flowy pants because they’re super comfortable! You’re going to be sitting down most of the time for school, so you want to be comfortable!

Pants and shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Superga’s

Belt: Thrift store

2. I have been loving the shirts underneath tanks recently! It just gives such a different vibe to your outfit! Also, you don’t have to worry about getting dress coded during school! This show super casual, yet comfy! Wear as many dresses and skirts because it gets cold out!

Dress: Romwe

Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Superga’s

Belt: thrift store

3. This is exactly the same as the last one, I just wanted to include it because you can literally do this to any thin strap dress/ tank!

Dress: H&M

Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Converse

4. This outfit screams fall! This is probably my favorite strip shirt ever because of the colors! They just go so well together! Jeans are my favorite because they’re so casual. My favorite brand of jeans are American Eagle because they have such a huge variety of style and they have a huge selection of sizes!

Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s

Belt: Amazon

5. This is definitely casual, but flirty! I love tips like these because you can get away with looking like you,” dressed up”. Yet the jeans make you look still casual!

Shirt: Shein

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s

Belt: Amazon

6. Moving on, this outfit is a bit different. Again, I love block colored pants that aren’t jeans! You can just style them so differently, yet you’re still limited depending on the color. Graphic tee’s are great for school because they’re casual, but you can definitely dress them up!

Shirt: Amazon

Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Converse

Belt: Thrift store

7. Summer dresses are great because they’re comfy and flowy! I love to pair straight dresses with belt to give it a bit more of definition and body form!

Dress: Burlington

Belt: Romwe

Shoes: Converse

8. This is a good example of dressing up graphic tee’s! You look well put together, but still casual!

Shirt: Heartman Clothing

Pants: Marshall’s

Shoes: Superga’s

Belt: Romwe

9. This is definitely a business casual outfit! Depending on how you feel, go for it! I loved dressing up for school. I feel like some people would judge me for looking like this because I put ” too much effort” into my outfit, but honestly. I felt good! So, who cares!

Pants: H&M

Shirt: Romwe

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shoes: Lulu’s

10. For the last and final outfit, I feel like this is what most girls wear for fall! Which I personally love!

Shirt: Forever 21

Jacket: Forever 21

Skirt: Romwe

Shoes: Converse

I hope you guys enjoy! Get some inspiration and enjoy back to school if you’re going!

– Emily ❤️

Thrift flip

Hey everyone! Today I’m doing a thrift flip! I personally love these videos because you can get so creative with them! So, let’s get started!

1. Green mini skirt. This skirt was originally a maxi skirt with a slit on the side. I still wanted to keep that slit, I just wanted the skirt to be shorter!

2. Camo skirt. These were originally pants that I never wore from Forever 21. I decided to transform these into a skirt and I love how it turned out! The only downside is that the material is thinner and not denim material.

3. This was originally a regular shirt. It was oversized for me, but I eventually made it into a 2 piece set and I’m pretty proud of it!

Summer Lookbook | 2019

Hey everyone! Here is my 2019 summer lookbook! I hope you get some inspiration! Enjoy!

Outfit #1:

Shirt: Shein

Skirt: Shein

Shoes: Target

Hoops: Amazon


Shirt: Forever 21

Shorts: Forever 21

Shoes: Target


Shirt: Romwe

Short: Romwe

Shoes: Target


Shirt: (actually a dress) Target

Skort: Forever 21

Shoes: Target

Earrings: Forever 21


Shirt: Romwe

Short: Romwe

Shoes: Target

Hat: Forever 21

Chicago EMC2 hotel |2019

(View from our room)

Hey everyone! I recently went to Chicago for the weekend and wanted to share the hotel I stayed at! The hotel we stayed at is called EMC2. The hotel is very modern and unique. Sadly, we didn’t get to eat at the restaurant or sit at the bar they had because it was so full!! We did go memorial weekend, so that was probably why it was so busy. I would suggest this hotel for couples or solo travels!

Price: We stayed 1 night for $189 plus tax. Grand total was $221.

The room: They have many different rooms. We got a room with a king size bed plus a city view. (Which yes, you can choose to have a city view and different size beds, but you do have to pay more for the view and king bed. I’m a HUGE sucker for city views!!)

Parking: If you drive to Chicago, like we do, there is this app called SpotHero. They let you rent other peoples parking spots,(on the street or in ramps) for cheaper prices! This app is so convenient, especially if you’re on a budget! So, normally for a 3- day weekend, the total would be anywhere around $100. Which is a ton for parking, in my opinion! With the app, it has so many different spots to choose from. The prices range anywhere from $10- $90 depending on where you park and how long you’re staying! We stayed for 2 days, so our total was only $34! *this app is also super convenient if you’re parking at airports!!!*


Use my code bzrvp to get $7 off!

Streets of downtown Chicago.

The view from our room on floor 9!

The bathroom: I adored the bathroom so much! I didn’t take a picture of the toilet just because, it’s a toilet. Lol. The sink and vanity were so beautiful! It has the marbel detailing in the back! The shower was in the middle of the room, which does have a curtain! So, don’t worry!

The bedroom: As I had said before, we got a king bed! Which was super comfortable. The pillows are super fluffy, as usual for hotels. So, I had a sore neck, because I’m not a huge fan of super high, fluffy pillows, but that’s not a big deal for me! The wall has this very different background with a face, half waves and half clouds! I believe this painting is in every room!

They have this super unique edition in their room. It looks like a little horn, but you can actually put your phone on the top and it’s a speaker! I did try it out and it’s not the best, but I have never seen anything like this in any other hotel!

Full room tour:

hotel website: https://hotelemc2.com

I hope you guys enjoyed! Don’t forgot to follow my socials!

– Love, Emily ❤️