February 2020

First off I just want to say that I can’t believe I’m already writing this. I felt like it was just yesterday when I was writing my January recap. But let’s get started!

I recently opened up a little bit more about my feelings. 🤍 I feel like this has been such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because it’s something that is always stored in the back of my mind and something I don’t wanna talk about because I feel embarrassed about it. 😕 If you were going through something similar where you have something in your mind, just try to talk to somebody about it. I promise you no one is going to judge you or you shouldn’t feel embarrassed by it. 👌 I personally feel so much better talking about how I feel and my insecurities. 

Have I been eating healthy you ask? 💪 Nope. Lol. Just kidding. 😝 I have been trying to eat very healthy. Especially since I went on a trip this month. But there are sometimes where I did let it slide and I ate kind of unhealthy. But for the most part I feel like I eat pretty decently. I’ve been drinking a TON of green juices 🧃that I juice myself. (I’ll link my juicer down below!)

I went to Chicago! 🏙 Again.. haha. This was so last minute, as always. Lol. my boyfriend and I wanted to have a quick weekend getaway! We ate sushi, 🍣 went to bakeries, 🍰🧁 and just enjoyed the outdoors. ☀️ Surprisingly the weekend we went it was really nice outside so it wasn’t too bad walking outside! I got to meet up with an old high school friend! That was really exciting and fun! 😎

I went to Florida! 🌴 My aunt lives in Florida and we happen to go every year! Usually someone comes with me, like my cousin or my boyfriend, but they didn’t this year. So, I was hanging out with the parents the whole time. Which is fine! I still had a great time! We ate SO much. It was bad. Lol. We chilled by the beach, 🏝 went on a gondola ride, 🛶 went on an air boat ride, 🚤 ate a lot of good food, and more! 🍟🌮🍜🍤🍩🍦🍸

That basically summed up my month for February. Didn’t really do much, but that! It was really nice to get a taste of warm weather. It’s going to be spring soon! (🌸🌷Hopefully) I’m praying the warmth and sun comes to all of us! Hope you guys had a great month so far! ❤️

– Emily 🤍

Eurostar’s Hotel review|Chicago, Illinois

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to give you another hotel review! This hotel is called the Eurostar Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois. I will link the website down below. So let’s get started!

Hotel lobby
Hotel lobby
Bar downstairs
Seating area in lobby
Seating area/ bar in lobby

A room costs about an average of $90/night. (Depending on what room you get and when you book.) We got a standard double room. The total price was $445 for 3 nights. We booked our hotel very late, so that’s why ours was super expensive. (Like the night before, lol.) If you book your hotel at least a week in advance, you’ll be sure to get the cheaper prices! Our room also included a balcony, which I believe every room comes with. Our room was on the 20th floor and in the corner. I’ve never been in a hotel before with a corner room, I just know that anytime it is a corner room, that the view will be amazing! And it did NOT disappoint!

Inside of balcony view
Front view on balcony
Left view on balcony
Right view on balcony
Seating area and TV.
Mini bar

The room itself is very chill. The bathroom is to your left right when you walk in and the balcony is on the right. They have a mini bar in the fridge and wine on the wall! The TV is located on the wall to the left, so it might be kind of inconvenient when you’re laying in bed. The bed itself is super comfortable, they have super nice and fluffy pillows.

The bathroom has a very open shower. It does close up by using a curtain on the outside to cover it. The shower itself is very small though. It has a shower head on the ceiling and another hose you can use with your hand.

We unfortunately did not get any food or go to the bar. They do have a restaurant on the lower level of the hotel.

Overall, the hotel is super comfy and would recommend for solo travels and couples!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

– Emily 🤍

Winter Outfits | 2020

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be showing you guys some winter outfits! I hope you guys enjoy!

1. Jacket: Target

Turtle neck: Thrift store

Plaid pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s


2. Black jean jacket: SHEIN


Skirt: SHEIN


Shoes: Target

3. Jacket: SHEIN

Sweatshirt: Thrift store

Pants: H&M


Earrings: SHEIN

Shoes: Superga


Jacket: SHEIN

Shirt: SHEIN

Jeans : American eagle

Shoes: Converse


Sweater: Target

Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: thrift store

Purse: Thrift store

January 2020

Hey everyone! 🤍 Today I’m talking about what I did in the month of January! I feel like every year for me, except for this one, January has always felt like such a long month! Then the next months just keep going by faster and faster. Did January go by fast 🏃‍♀️ or slow 🚶‍♀️ for you??

Starting off with the New Year, I was in Chicago! Sadly, I had a bad experience this New Years. Which is unfortunate. My boyfriend and I went out to eat some sushi. 🍣🍱 It was delicious, but my throat started to close up. It was sooo weird to me because I didn’t think I was allergic to anything and I still don’t know if I am or not. I just kept drinking water more and more and I could feel my throat getting closed up even more! I started to get chills and my stomach started to turn! Of course, it was 11 PM! So, nothing was open! I called my mom panicking because I had NO IDEA what to do!!! I was freaking out. We walked back to our hotel and once we got straight into the room, I was on the toilet for the rest of the night! 🤢😷💩 It probably didn’t help that we drank A LOT before we went to get sushi, but I wasn’t blacked out or drunk. 🤪🍾🥂 It was going to come out both ends. (Sorry TMI) I spent so much time in the restroom, my boyfriend had to come in and check on me to see if I was okay or not. Sadly, the night ended and thankfully by the morning I was feeling better! I still don’t completely know what happened. I don’t know if I’m allergic to something or if I got food poisoning. It was such a strange experience! (Here is a picture of me before we went out, not knowing what was going to happen to me. 😂😭)

Here is a picture the day after what happened to me!

Moving onto the next couple of weeks. A brand called Gleamin sent me a product, which was the first ever brand to do that! So, that was super exciting! Go check them at! https://gleamin.com

I’ve been really challenging myself this year because I always say that I’m going to do this and that, but I usually never do. Which I’m getting sick of my own shit because nothings happening and it’s no ones fault, but mine. Like saying I’m going to get in shape. I’ve been saying that for like the last 4 years, but it never happens. So this year I’m really trying to hold myself accountable to that. 🏃‍♀️💪 I’ve been trying to workout at least 3 times a week and trying to eat healthy. 🥗 I have a really bad habit of eating anything and everything I want! 🍔🍟🍕🍤 Food is just soooo comforting! Also, I’m trying really hard to not procrastinate as much. I get really locked into my phone and I’ll catch myself just scrolling through social media, which is THE DEVIL! 😈 Because time goes by SO fast 🏃‍♀️ and you don’t even realize it. So, I actually set timers on my apps ( which you can do if you have an IPhone. 📱 It’s through screen time.) So, I can basically only go through my apps for 5 mins and then it’ll remind me to get off. 📵 This has been such a huge help because I swear I could be watching mukbangs and dumb videos all day long!

I’ve been really trying to get creative and trying to take more pictures 📸 and creating more videos 📹 and blogs. 📝 It’s just something that keeps me moving and I love taking pictures and video. I have a love- hate relationship with editing though. 💔 I love testing out my creative ability because I really believe that we all have a creative mind, we just need to open it. Which I’m still in the process of doing. 💘

I have been writing down my everyday activities this month on my notes app on my phone. 📱 I really love doing this. Just to see what I do with my time during the day and to see how I felt and I can go back and reflect on what happened. This has actually been super super therapeutic 💆‍♀️ for me and I really hope you try it out yourself too! It’s just like a daily journal that I do. I personally like typing more than writing. Lol, mostly because I think my handwriting looks like crap and my hand cramps up really fast. 🤚 It can be time consuming, but I love it. I usually do it before I go to bed. Some days I write a TON and other days. It’s like 3 sentences. Haha. 😝

I finally went and got my eyes checked to get new glasses. The last time I got my eyes checked was like 6 years ago… hahaha. 👓

I’ve also been to the dentist like 3 times. Which sucks booty! I hate the dentist so much!I had to get a cleaning, a filling, and a crown put in. Sadly, I have to go again next month because they have to put in my final crown. Which is basically like a fake tooth. Lol. The aftermath was painful as ever. My whole entire face was so sore and my gums ached. I was icing my face with some veggies because we don’t have an ice pack. Lol 🦷

Surprise, not surprise, I freaking rolled my ankle once again! I tend to roll my on my ankles a lot and therefore they bruise super badly. Thankfully, they never break or sprain. But it’s still painful to walk on. 🦶

This might not seem like much to some people, but for me, I feel soooo good where I am and I’m really excited to see what’ll happen in this this year! If you haven’t checked off anything from your New Years resolution, no worries! 😁 There’s always time to start! One of my favorite stories is about Colonel sanders, the man who created KFC. 🍗 He didn’t even become successful until he was like 70 or something, so don’t sweat it! 

Hope you guys are having a phenomenal year so far! Let’s get this bread y’all! 🍞

– Emily 🤍

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1 top, 4 different ways!

Hey everyone today I’ll be styling 1 too, 4 different ways! I absolutely love doing these because I’m surprised by how creative I can actually get, lol. Also, this is for the girls who are more flat chested (like myself), but girls who aren’t, this is for you as well! ( You just might have a nip slip. Lol). So, let’s get started!

This top is from SHEIN

Ribbed Knit Tie Crop Top

Check out this Ribbed Knit Tie Crop Top on Shein and explore more to meet your fashion needs!


1. The common way: the most common way to wear this top is just taking the straps, crossing them in front, and tying it in the back!

2. The easy way: All I did for this one is tie the straps into a knot in the front and that’s it!

3. The separated: For the 3rd look, I took the straps and wrapped one side twice onto the other and wrapped the other strap once around the opposite, creating a more separated look then tying the straps in the back. I absolutely love this look!

4. The cross over: For the final look, I took the straps and pulled them through the sleeve holes, creating a bandeau look that also lines your under boobs! Make sure the straps aren’t twisted at all and everything is flat. Finish it by tying the straps in the back.

These are 4 looks for the summer time that is super easy (and cheap) to achieve! I hope you guys enjoyed and try it out for yourself! If you don’t understand any of these captions (I suck at explaining things, lol.) check out my YouTube channel for a step by step tutorial!

Thanks for reading!

– Emily 🤍

How I style: High waisted jeans & booties

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be showing you guys how I style the same jeans and booties, 6 different ways! Let’s get started!

The Jeans and shoes I’m styling today are these faux crocodile print booties ( from SHEIN) and these typical blue mom jeans! (Also from SHEIN). I absolutely love these jeans! They’re what you think of when you say “jeans”! The perfect color, fit, and length!

The jeans, booties, and belt:


Outfit #1:

Top and bag: Thrift store

Outfit #2:

Too: Forever 21

Outfit #3:

Top: Forever 21

Outfit #4:

Top: Forever 21

Cardigan: Target

Outfit #5:

Top: Forever 21

Outfit #6:


Blazer: Forever 21

I hope you enjoyed these outfits and if you enjoy these types of blogs, let me know! ❤️

– Emily 🤍

How I travel cheap! | 2019

Hey everyone! I traveled a ton this year (at least it feels like a ton for me) and I wanted to share my tips on how I did it on a budget!

First I want to talk about the places I’ve traveled to this year. I went to New York City (once), Los Angeles (once), Florida (once), and Chicago (5 times).

  1. Flights: I love using websites like, Skyscanner and Google. When I go on google, all  you have to type in is (example): Chicago to Orlando flights. Something will pop up and you can type in the days you want to go. They’re both super easy websites to use. I also love that sky scanner lets you see the prices on everyday, which I think is a super cool addition because that can also determine when you wanna fly! I also recommend booking flights in bigger cities (if you live near any or are willing to drive) because they’re cheaper! My boyfriend and I always fly out of Chicago, even though it’s 3-4 hours away from where we live. When we do travel to stay in Chicago, we always drive. So, we do have an advantage here.only
  2. Hotels/ Airbnbs: Where we stay is based on the prices. For example, we usually stay in hotels when were in Chicago (we stay downtown Chicago) because most of the airbnbs are too far where we want to be or they’re too expensive.  I’m not going to lie though, we’re SUPER SUPER last minute. Like sometimes we will book a place a week or two before we go or sometimes even the day of. Lol. (I blame my boyfriend for that.) But even being super last minute, you can still find super nice and clean hotels anywhere from $100-$200. We will usually only stay for 1-2 nights as well. Going to bigger and further places like New York or Los Angeles, we will also book depending on the price. New York for example, we stayed in a hotel, but we took advantage of their bundle packages. I highly recommended doing bundle packages because you can save a lot of money! Disclaimer: bundle packages might not always save you money, it’s usually all about the timing. I found that if you’re booking last minute they usually come in handy! I like using the website, Booking.com. *** Prices will also vary depending on when you book and how long your stay is. For example, let’s say you’re going to New York City. The flight is $161/ person and the hotel you want to stay at is $100/ night. Let’s say you’re staying for 4 nights. Also, remember that you can choose different rooms. If you get a bigger room or a room with a view, they will cost extra. The total for both plane tickets are $322 + taxes and the hotel total is $400 + taxes. The grand total is $794. But, if you look for bundle deals, you might only have to pay $600 (for both people) for your total cost instead of $794. These are just examples, but that’s how a bundle works. New York has airbnb’s, but they are super hard to find cheap and good location, that’s why we stayed in a hotel. Los Angeles, however, we love to stay in airbnb’s, they’re usually cheaper than hotels.
  3. Transportation: If you’re staying in a city like Chicago or New York, Do NOT drive a car! It’s honestly a waste of time and money. We do drive to Chicago, but once we are there we park our car and never use it until we have to leave! We will literally walk everywhere!! That’s why it’s best to stay downtown! Everything is close and you get a lot of exercise. I LOVE using the app, Spothero. It’s a super cheap way to find parking spots in large cities for a cheaper price! If you stay for just the weekend you’ll end up paying $100, which I think is ridiculous! With the app though, you can pay as low as $30 for the whole weekend! (Not guaranteed to be that price though!) When in New York, you can use the subway system which is a super cheap way to get around. Every ride is $2.75 or you can buy a bus pass for $33 for unlimited rides for 7 days! We unfortunately did not ride the subway. Again, we walked EVERYWHERE and used Uber when we needed too. Like at night because I didn’t wanna walk 3 miles to get back to our hotel. Lol. Unfortunately, when you’re in LA, you do have to Uber or rent a car. We usually just take Uber’s so we don’t have to worry about parking. **TIP**: When booking places, figure out your transportation. We will usually find a cheaper place to stay since we know our transportation will be more expensive and if it’s not going to be expensive, we are willing to spend more on a place to stay. That’s just a little tip we like to use!
  4. Location: Something to consider is to book a place near the things you want to see or do. This is just for your own convenience so you don’t have to worry that much about the pricing of an Uber or so you can walk there. We book places we know are near things we want like restaurants, bars, stores, sights to see, etc… This just makes things super easy for us!
  5. Extra Extra junk: If you know you’ll be traveling, don’t waste your money buying A TON OF THINGS. I’m not going to lie, I’ve definitely bought things for trips and ended up not even using them. Like clothes, make up, shoes, etc.. Literally anything. Especially if you’re not going for a long time, you should plan out your outfits you’ll wear instead of just over packing items that won’t be used. This will also save you a ton of money! When I went to NYC, I bought a $65 pair of shoes before our trip and I wore them the first day and ended up having to buy a new pair of shoes because they weren’t as comfortable as I thought they were going to be. I just wasted $65 for NOTHING.
  6. Don’t worry too much about being bougie: I feel like when people travel, they have to do the most extravagant things ever! That shouldn’t be the case especially if you’re on a budget! Stop worrying too much about eating fancy food and drinking the best drinks! I’m not saying you CAN’T do that, I’m just saying to be smart about your money because you never know when you’ll need it for emergencies. Things add up quickly!! I’m not going to lie though, NYC and LA are known for having SUPER expensive drinks. My boyfriend and I had 1 drink at our hotel (in NYC) and each drink was $18. To some people that might not be a lot, but where I’m from, a drink is literally like $4, lol. When in NYC, our hotel was right next to Chinatown, we literally got some noodles and dumplings for $6. You can find super good food to eat for such a cheap price, just do your research!
  7. Travel with people: I feel like this is so obvious, but traveling with someone will save you money! Family, friends, a significant other, etc! I don’t have friends, so I always travel with my boyfriend. Lol, but if you travel with more than 1 friend, you guys can split the cost of a place to stay and it’ll be so much cheaper! My boyfriend and I will usually split the costs of things. So, I’ll pay for the plane tickets and he’ll pay for the hotel. Depending on how much they are, sometimes I’ll give him money to pay him back or use it for food on us. Another huge advantage is traveling with your parents! I went to Florida with my parents and they usually pay for everything. Which is very nice because you don’t have to worry too much about spending your own money.

That’s it for how I travel cheap! Let me know down below if you guys have any websites or other things you do/ use that help you save money when you’re traveling!

-Emily ❤

Thing I did in 2019

Hi everyone! 2019 is almost over and I wanted to write down the things I did this year to look back on! Let’s get started:

1. I read a couple of books: I’m really surprised by how much I read this year. TBH, I use to NEVER read books! I hated reading them, but that’s just because I never found something that I liked! I’m really drawn to books now because it’s also a great time to myself and to get off of my phone. I’m really into self help books, business, and entrepreneur books.

2. I went to Naples, FL and Key west, FL. My aunt actually lives here, so we try to go and see her once in a while. She has a very beautiful place on the beach! You can never say no when going! Free stay and free food, why not?

3. I went to New York City. New York has been a place I’ve always wanted to go too. It’s been my dream destination in the U.S. for a very long time now. I am OBSESSED with tall buildings and different architecture. Probably because I see corn fields and trees all day where I live, sadly. It’s just a different scenery that I’ve fallen in love with.

4. I went to Chicago, Illinois. I honestly can never get tired of this city. Luckily, I only live about 3-4 hours away from Chicago. Just like NYC, it has such a different atmosphere and look to it. My boyfriend and I went 5 times this year.

5. I joined jiu jitsu. I’ve always been really intrigued with self defense. Especially since I’m only 5’0″. I’ve very tiny and I feel like I’m a really easy target. Self defense has been something on my mind ever since I graduated high school. (I graduated in 2015.) Joining this class has been very hard for me, not because I can’t do any of the techniques, but because I’m actually a really shy person. Everyone in my class seems to talk only to people they know and it’s hard getting out my comfort zone and talking to them. That’s just something I’ll have to get over. It’s been challenging, but it has been something that has helped me and I love it a lot.

6. I started acting lessons. I’ve always been intrigued by the entertainment industry. When I was younger, My cousins and I use to make up plays and have concerts. I’ve always loved singing and dancing. I’m not good at it, lol, but it was always something I was drawn too. In middle school, I participated in musicals and I was in show choir. I was in choir in middle school and half of high school. I was on the dance team for 1 year in high school. I wanted to try acting out just to see if I’d like it and to get out of my comfort zone. I live in the midwest and acting isn’t a huge thing here. So, I take online lessons with a coach. Acting is something I love to do, it’s just a lot of practice, money, and time. You have to really dedicate your LIFE to it.

7. I got a car. I’ve had my license since I was 16 years old, but I always shared a car with my dad or my brother. Which was fine with me. My brother recently moved out, meaning he was taking our car. So, that would mean I’d be car-less and/or having to use my parents cars when I could. My dad finally agreed to get me my own and I did. I babysit my younger brother and being stuck at home all day sucks. So, it’s very convenient having my own car. Which I am very grateful/thankful for!

8. I started learning Spanish: If you guys couldn’t tell, I am Hmong. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. Lol, but I’m not fluent in Hmong. Which is kind of upsetting to a lot of people who are. So, I’m sorry. Lol, but growing up, we never really spoke Hmong in our house. I am trying my best to learn it as much as possible and speak it more daily. I’m also trying to learn Spanish. It’s just something I thought I’d try out! You can never stop learning! I thought, why not try out something new? I love using the app, Duolingo.

9. I learned a lot about myself: This year I learned quite a bit about myself. I hate it when people say that,” I’ve changed” because why is that a bad thing? Change is good. I wouldn’t want to be the same person I was when I was 18-20 y/o. I actually hated myself those years and looking back, wow.. I was embarrassing asf and stupid. I learned to really let things go from the past and learned to just love myself. Some people may not think that I’ve changed, but I know I have and that’s all that matters. Maybe I’ll write a separate blog on this in the future!

10. I stopped drinking coffee: I’m not sure specifically when I stopped, but I know I haven’t drank any at all this year. I just drink a lot of tea now. The reason why I stopped drinking coffee was because it’s just really unhealthy. I don’t like black coffee, otherwise I’d drink it. But honestly, I don’t need coffee in the morning to wake up. I was never really crazy about drinking coffee anyways. So, it wasn’t super hard for me to stop. I usually drank like mocha’s, frappes, cappuccinos, all that sweet shit.

12. I learned a lot of new things this year: This is different from #9. This is learning things in general. Like about people, the world, business, politics, relationships, etc.. This year alone, I gained a lot of new knowledge about things that I didn’t care about in the past. I’m really proud of how far I’ve gotten this year. Again, you can never stop  learning new things.

Overall, 2019 has been a learning year for me. I’m very happy with the way things turned out this year and I can’t believe its going to be 2020. I hope you guys did a lot of things this year as well! Leave some comments below telling me what you did in 2019!

Goodbye, 2019.

Lots of love, Emily ❤