Today, I’ll be sharing my opinion on essentials clothing items you need in your closet! These are items that I personally think will NEVER go out of style or trend! This is for anyone who is interested in learning more about fashion or who wants to get into fashion! Disclaimer: this is my opinion only.Continue reading “ESSENTIALS CLOTHING ITEMS | 2018”


It’s that time of the year again! Single or in a relationship, dress up for yourself and take some pictures for instagram! Here are so outfit inspiration to help you out! #1: Shirt: Tilly’s Skirt: Forever 21 Boots: Forever 21 Belt: EBay Hoop earrings: Forever 21 Bag: Forever 21 #2 Shirt: Forever 21 Skirt: ForeverContinue reading “VALENTINE’S DAY LOOKBOOK | EMILYXIONG”

My tattoos | EMILYXIONG

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be talking about my tattoos! The meanings and pricing! I won’t be talking about pain and the process of getting tattoos, etc.. because there are so many videos and blogs about it online. I have 5 tattoos! Lol. So, let’s get started!! DISCLAIMER: this is MY body. I don’t care whatContinue reading “My tattoos | EMILYXIONG”

21 Random facts about me!!!

Hey everyone! Here are some super random facts about me! I figured why not share some stuff about me!! So, here it goes! If you want to watch the video instead, here it is! : 1. I’ve never gotten a bloody nose before. 2. I have 5 tattoos and I want more! They’re soContinue reading “21 Random facts about me!!!”