Eurostar’s Hotel review|Chicago, Illinois

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to give you another hotel review! This hotel is called the Eurostar Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois. I will link the website down below. So let’s get started! A room costs about an average of $90/night. (Depending on what room you get and when you book.) We got a standardContinue reading “Eurostar’s Hotel review|Chicago, Illinois”

Winter Outfits | 2020

Hey everyone! Today I’ll be showing you guys some winter outfits! I hope you guys enjoy! 1. Jacket: Target Turtle neck: Thrift store Plaid pants: Forever 21 Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s Belt: SHEIN 2. Black jean jacket: SHEIN Tank: SHEIN Skirt: SHEIN Belt: SHEIN Shoes: Target 3. Jacket: SHEIN Sweatshirt: Thrift store Pants: H&M Belt: SHEINContinue reading “Winter Outfits | 2020”

How I style: High waisted jeans & booties

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be showing you guys how I style the same jeans and booties, 6 different ways! Let’s get started! The Jeans and shoes I’m styling today are these faux crocodile print booties ( from SHEIN) and these typical blue mom jeans! (Also from SHEIN). I absolutely love these jeans! They’reContinue reading “How I style: High waisted jeans & booties”


Hey everyone! I recently went to Los Angeles, California and wanted to share the things we did, but instead of telling you another probably boring day by day, here are a number of photos representing our trip! Malibu, California: Downtown Los Angeles: Culver City, California: Random: I hope you guys enjoyed these photos because IContinue reading “LOS ANGELES | 2019”