Here is a little SHEIN Haul & the links! : White Sweatpants: Pearl Necklace: Gold Earrings: Black Zip up: White Purse: Brown Top: Mini Bag: Graphic Sweater: Black Satin Button up: Leather Harness: Watch my Instagram Reel: Follow my Instagram: Follow my Tik Tok: SeeContinue reading “SHEIN Haul”

How I style: Black jeans

Hey everyone! Today I’ll show you how I style black jeans! These jeans are more of an acid wash denim. So, they look more grayish. Jeans are from: H&M. 1. Long sleeve: thrifted Black tank: SHEIN Boots: Target Purse: Thrifted Belt: Amazon 2. Blazer: Thrifted White button up: H&M Shoes: Target Purse: thrifted 3. SweaterContinue reading “How I style: Black jeans”

How I style: A Houndstooth Vest

Hey guys! I’m going to show you how I style the very trendy houndstooth vest!! I’ve seen these EVERYWHERE. I had to get my hands on it and here are my outfits! Vest is from: SHEIN 1. – Blazer: Thrifted – White Collar: amazon – Skirt: amazon – Shoes: sheinofficial – Purse: Thrifted 2. –Continue reading “How I style: A Houndstooth Vest”

I tried Chole Ting’s 2 week ab workout!

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to share my experience doing Chole Ting’s 2 week ab workout! This video is SO popular. So I’m sure you’ve seen it before! (I’ll be linking this down below!) I wanted to try this out because a TON of people have been posting YouTube videos on there results. My auntContinue reading “I tried Chole Ting’s 2 week ab workout!”