Fall Trends you need in your closet!

Hi, it’s 2021! I hope you’re doing good! Let’s talk about Fall fashion trends for this year! Im very into the trends these days. Although I will admit that it is very hard to keep up with only because it is expensive. Here are some trends that are super affordable in my eyes and what I think will last you for the next couple of years! Lets get started.

  1. Loafers! If you haven’t seen these, where have you been?? These shoes are literally EVERYWHERE!! I think these will be here to stay next year as well! These loafers were only $36!! The socks were $7 Shoes: ASOS’ Socks: Forever21

2. Leather Jackets/ Leathermen jackets: If I’m being honest, I actually bought 3 different leather jacket at a thrift store! Highly recommend checking out thrift stores because you will find sooooo many good fall/ winter items in there that are timeless pieces! I know websites like Princess Polly, Asos’, Bershka, and more have leather jackets under $100! I don’t have a leathermen jacket (yet), but I know they’re super trendy ATM!

3. Straight/ Wide legged pants. These pants have always been a thing, but now that skinny pants are not in, these are it! I’m not mad about it either. These are so comfortable and super easy to style up and/or down. I honestly never liked this style of pants because I thought it would make me look shorter than I am, but they don’t! Don’t ever say you don’t like how something looks on you until you try it! These pants are form H&M only $24. I have other pairs from Uniqlo too. They can range anywhere from $15-$50. The quality is very good at Uniqlo!

4. Sneakers. The Nike low dunks and New Balance shoes have been so popular this year! I can definitely see these being around for a long time too! I personally don’t have a pair of Nike Low dunks (sorry, no picture for those), but I know I will purchase them in the future! I have the New balance 530 Marathon shoes though (AKA dad shoes) They’re so comfy and pretty neutral colored. The New balance 574’s and the 550’s have also been a super big hit this year! (also don’t have either of these, Ive just been seeing them everywhere!) I’m personally not the type of buy super expensive items, but shoes are an exception because they tend to last longer! These shoes were $195

5. Sweater vests: I know not everyone likes these, but they’re here to stay again! Sweaters vests became popular last year and are here again! Im not mad though. I think they have always been a thing, they just got really hot again! You can find many pretty much anywhere! Shein, Thrift stores, Princess Polly, etc. Prices can range anywhere from $15-$50.

I hope you got some insight from this blog! Everything is just my opinion and what I personally have been seeing everyone that I follow wear! If you have any other fashion pieces that you think are really popular ATM, please comment down below!

Have a beautiful day, Emily.

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Hello everyone! My name is Emily. I am 24 years old from the midwest! This blog is a place where we can encourage each other, learn new things, and have fun! I focus mainly on fashion, but will throw in the occasional beauty, travel, and food! I hope you find something that interests you and enjoy!

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