Hyatt Centric Waikiki Hotel

Bringing back another one of my favorite things to write about! Hotel Reviews! We stayed at the Hyatt Centric Waikiki Hotel for 7 nights. It was about $270/ night. Expensive. Yes. That’s because we usually pay more for a better room. That includes a higher floor and a good view! Prices may vary.

7 AM

Entry level entrance:

There is an entry level that has a front desk person. Usually they’re only there until a certain time though. There are only elevators to go up to the rooms & lobby, but you do have to have a keycard to get up there. Which makes you feel 10000x more safe! When you first get there, you have to call the lobby from the phone downstairs and they will send someone to get you. There is a door in the entry level that connects to a Starbucks. It’s right next to the elevators.

The only picture I got in the entry level entrance. 😅
This is right outside of the hotel.

The lobby:

The lobby is a lot smaller than it may look. There’s 5 different seating areas and there’s a back door that leads to the pool/ jacuzzi area. The hallway next to the outdoor area leads to a gym. You do have to schedule a time frame of when you want to go to the gym because of sanitation reasons and COVID. There is also a bathroom in the lobby. It seems a bit CO-ED because the toilets are separate, but the sinks are in the same room. There is a restaurant in this hotel, however. It is closed right now due to COVID. Which is a bit unfortunate, but it’s alright. I also just want to say that we didn’t see many other visitors in the hotel. Only a couple here and there.

Seating area in the lobby
Another seating area in the lobby
Huge swing seat in lobby
Swing seat in the lobby
Seating area leading out to the outdoor area.
Lobby bathroom
Seating area in the lobby
Seating area in the lobby

Pool/ Jucuzzi:

We only made it out here once during our stay. You can reserve a lanai for your family. (Free the first time I believe, but you don’t have to do this.) The pool area isn’t really a pool area. It’s more of a sit and drink and relax type place. There is one section that has a little pool with no seating, but it’s only like 3 feet. They do have a Jacuzzi though. Which is nice. Overall, it’s a very small outdoor pool area. With COVID, there can only be a one family in the outdoor area at a time.

Outdoor area with pool
Outdoor area
Outdoor area
Outdoor area
Outdoor area
Hot tub

The room:

The room that we got was called,” king bed, high floor.” We got a city and Mountain View on the 15th floor. Some nice additions of the room include the ceiling to floor windows, a mini fridge, a little chair to sit in and a ceiling to floor mirror. (I only included these “nice additions” because I know a lot of hotels don’t have these things.)

The room itself was pretty spacious. I did some morning workouts on the floor and had a lot of room. I do wish it had a microwave because we usually order a lot of food to our hotel and never finish it. So, of course when it goes cold, we can’t eat it anymore.

When ordering our food, we did have to sit on the floor to eat. Which I’m not complaining about, but I know everyone doesn’t like that. It wasn’t that big of a deal to me. We obviously didn’t want to eat on the bed either. (I’m a messy eater. 😭😅)

I just realized that I didn’t take any pictures of the other window by the entrance door, the one behind the TV. That’s because that one faces an apartment building and it was VERY close to our building. We had to shut the sheer curtains when changing, just to make sure no one can see us naked. There was a lot of people who came out to their balconies throughout the day, so I didn’t wanna be rude and intrude their privacy but taking pictures. 😅

I also forgot to take pictures of the bathroom. LMAO. I’m horrible. Sorry. The bathroom door is a sliding door. Then there’s a shower, a circle mirror, and the toilet. Really not that special. 😂

This hotel though is very quiet. The walls are pretty soundproof because we did have people next door to us with a child. We never heard them once. Just saw them a couple of times. 😅

Front door
Front entrance of room
Bed with a view
Seating area with huge mirror
Mini fridge, safe, and coffee maker
Closet with my clothes (lol)
King bed
King bed
King bed
Floor to ceiling mirror
View from one window
View when sitting in chair.
The only picture I got in the bathroom. Hahaha.

There is parking next to the hotel. It’s about $45/ night. Quiet expensive, but convenient since they had elevators connected to the hotel already. All of the street parking, is only two hour parking and some ramps were NOT overnight parking. So, we didn’t really have a choice, but to park in the ramps.

Overall, I think the location of this hotel is very convenient. If you walk down the street, there’s a main road with a bunch of stores, restaurants, malls, gift shops, and more! The beach is also on the next street too! On the other side of the hotel, that street leads to the canal, more shops and restaurants.

So, if you’re ever in the area. Definitely come and stay here if you want too! I hope you guys enjoy this blog review and have a good day!

– Emily ❤️

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