Hawaii eats | 2020

I’m finally back from Hawaii and here is all of the amazing food we ate! I’ll try my best to mention all of the restaurants (left) and names of the food! (Right)😅

Marugame Udon | Nikutama
Mitsuwa Marketplace | Spicy tuna poke
Modo | Strawberry, Matcha, & Chocolate
Ice monster | Matcha
Momosan’s | Spicy Dan Dan, Spicy Tan Tan, & Karaage
Egg’s & Things | Potato & Bacon Omelette & Hawaiian Loco Moco
Ahi + Vegetable (located in the Ala Moana Center) | Poke bowl
Maguro Brothers| Shoyu Onion Ahi (bottom) & Hawaiian Limu (top)
Lanikai Juice | Dr. Pago
Mama’s Dish | Ttekbokki
Mama’s Dish | Bossum
Duke’s lane market & eatery | Japanese cake
The Sunrise Shack | The Blue Dream Bowl
Ono Seafood | Spicy Ahi (bottom) & Shoyu Ahi/ Miso Ahi (top)
Da Ono Hawaiian Foods | Kalua pig & Laulau plate
Da Ono’s Hawaiian Foods | Short Rib Pipikaula & Chicken Long Rice soup
The Pig & the lady | Papaya salad, Pho 75, & The Classic Bahn Mi
Duke’s lane & market | Spam Mushubi & lo mein noodles
Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck | Garlic Shrimp
Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck | Spicy Garlic Shrimp
Crepe from a food truck next to Giovanni’s ( I forgot. lol.)
Takoyaki from a food truck (I forgot the name of it. lol.)
Ube cake from grocery store
Matsumoto | Flavors are Lime, Lychee, and Guava w/ mochi balls
Kono’s | Kalua Pork nachos (bottom) & Pork Plate lunch (top)
Matcha Ice cream
Momosan’s | Karaage
Mamasan’s | Spicy Dan Dan
Mamasan’s | Spicy TanTan
Mama’s Dish | Spicy Squid Dish
Mama’s Dish | Spicy raw crab
Mama’s Dish | Short rib soup
L&L BBQ | Seafood Combo
L&L BBQ | Kalua Pork & Pork Lau Lau
KCC’s Farmer’s Market | Coconut Juice
KCC’S Farmer’s Market | Papaya Salad
KCC’s Farmer’s Market | Shrimp Spring rolls ( they gave me the wrong
KCC’S Farmer’s Market | Fresh Fruit Mochi
Shabuya (in the Ala Moana Center) | Hotpot
Duke’s Lane Market | Match Dalgona
Duke’s Lane Market | Strawberry Shortcake ( I had like 6 of these. They were so good!!!!)
Mama’s Dish | Ttekbokki
Mama’s Dish | Dakgangjeong

This is most of the food we ate! I am missing a few pictures, but they were all really good! I hope you guys go and try them out if you are ever visiting Oahu!

Thanks for reading!


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