I tried Chole Ting’s 2 week ab workout!

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to share my experience doing Chole Ting’s 2 week ab workout! This video is SO popular. So I’m sure you’ve seen it before! (I’ll be linking this down below!)

I wanted to try this out because a TON of people have been posting YouTube videos on there results. My aunt also sent it to me. (Is she trying to tell me something? Idk… lol) Some results are INSANE!! Literally just look it up. I want to say that I know just because they got really good results, does not mean that I get good ones too! I just got super inspired to try this out and it’s only two weeks and 10 mins. We’re all in quarantine at the moment, so I figured why not. I already work out pretty frequently throughout the week, but I don’t go to hard on ab workouts. So, I was a little nervous, but not too scared.

The first few days:

So, I’m not going to lie. I DIED. This workout routine is not super high intensity, (to me at least) but it’s tiring. I was definitely sore the next couple of days doing this daily! My arms were sore, back was broke, and abs was hard as rock. (Or so it felt like that, lol.) Also, I’m just point it out now that you WILL sweat. Every. Single. Day. Or at least I did. Lol. (I sweat kind of easily)

The first week:

Once the first week was done, I felt so freaking accomplished. I don’t think I’ve ever worked out on a daily basis for an entire week before. So, I guess you can say. MY BODY WAS TIRED. I remember waking up so freaking exhausted every single day because my body was not used to working out that much! I dreaded this at some point! BUT I still had to get the job done! I really recommend doing this work out in the morning because you’ll feel so much better throughout your day. Working out in the morning in general is so much better than working out at night. Just my opinion.

Week 2:

I was definitely counting down the days to when I was officially done. I hear a lot of people say that the workout gets easier as the days go by, but honestly it kind of felt the same to me. It was still super tiring and I was still sweating. I have never felt so relieved on the last day when I did not have to do this work out the next! I also rest of my body for like an entire week before I started working out again.

The results:

The top picture is my before, the bottom picture is the after. As you can tell, there is somewhat of a difference. But, you don’t see any abs. Again, I was not expecting myself to magically get abs in two weeks, but I’m still proud of where I have gotten. Also, I’m not going to lie. I still look like the top picture throughout the day. Don’t let the pictures fool you.

Things that happened:

This is not going to happen to everybody. These are just the things that have happened to me while doing this workout routine.

1. MY BOOBS were soooooooo sore. You do some workouts in the plank position where you are jumping. So, I am just assuming that that’s what made my boobs sore. I usually did a little bit of arms and legs after I did this workout as well, but it’s nothing out of my normal routine already. But for some reason, my boobs were so sore. And NO. It was not the time of the month.

2. Be prepared to sweat. Again, I am a person who sweats very easily, so this might not happen to you. But, having that said, I had to shower every single day. I also had to wash my laundry quiet often because I only have so many sports bras. 😅

3. You’re going to be tired. As I said before above, I woke up every day feeling so exhausted. Make sure you’re drinking a ton of water after you’re doing this work out and getting a lot of rest. Especially if you do not work out a ton. I workout pretty frequently, but doing this made me feeling like staying in bed all day!


I have a love/hate relationship with food. Trying to find a certain eating habit that works for me is SO DIFFICULT. I don’t know what is considered healthy for me to eat for the type of “look” I want. I also don’t like putting restrictions on the foods that I LOVE. I strongly believe that you can still be healthy/ be in shape AND eat what you love! (Deep fried food, fast food, etc.) Obviously, you have to restrict yourself on foods that you love (certain foods) if you want to look a specific way, but I think completely cutting off the foods you love is stupid. I see all of these “healthy” recipes online all the time. But how am I going to know that that’s actually going to work for me? Plus, a lot of the times the recipes don’t even taste that good. I have taught myself to not eat until I am completely bloated or where I want to puke. I eat very little meals, but just more often throughout the day. I’m not going to lie. Throughout this entire two weeks, I eat anything and everything I wanted to. I gave myself no restrictions.

The aftermath:

Am I going to continue to do this? Yes and no. I will probably incorporate some of the work outs that she does in this video into my routine. But I definitely will not do this on a daily basis because it is so tiring. Also, I’m not going to say that I will never do it again because I might on random days.

I gave my body at least a week to rest. Going back into working out though, I can definitely tell that my abdominal core has gotten stronger. Doing ab workouts now has been super easy. So, if you want to build up your abdominal core, I would definitely suggest doing this! Just not on a daily basis.

I hope you guys like my 2 cents on Chloe Ting’s 2 week ab workout! I enjoyed this routine as much as I resented it. Lol. See y’all soon! ❤️

– Emily 🤍

Video link: https://youtu.be/2pLT-olgUJs

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  1. Hi, I’m Liberty and Wow, that’s amazing girl! I can definitely see that you have improved even only after two weeks! I’ve been doing Chloe Tings Workouts every day since November, and I am loving my results.

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