Eurostar’s Hotel review|Chicago, Illinois

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to give you another hotel review! This hotel is called the Eurostar Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Illinois. I will link the website down below. So let’s get started!

Hotel lobby
Hotel lobby
Bar downstairs
Seating area in lobby
Seating area/ bar in lobby

A room costs about an average of $90/night. (Depending on what room you get and when you book.) We got a standard double room. The total price was $445 for 3 nights. We booked our hotel very late, so that’s why ours was super expensive. (Like the night before, lol.) If you book your hotel at least a week in advance, you’ll be sure to get the cheaper prices! Our room also included a balcony, which I believe every room comes with. Our room was on the 20th floor and in the corner. I’ve never been in a hotel before with a corner room, I just know that anytime it is a corner room, that the view will be amazing! And it did NOT disappoint!

Inside of balcony view
Front view on balcony
Left view on balcony
Right view on balcony
Seating area and TV.
Mini bar

The room itself is very chill. The bathroom is to your left right when you walk in and the balcony is on the right. They have a mini bar in the fridge and wine on the wall! The TV is located on the wall to the left, so it might be kind of inconvenient when you’re laying in bed. The bed itself is super comfortable, they have super nice and fluffy pillows.

The bathroom has a very open shower. It does close up by using a curtain on the outside to cover it. The shower itself is very small though. It has a shower head on the ceiling and another hose you can use with your hand.

We unfortunately did not get any food or go to the bar. They do have a restaurant on the lower level of the hotel.

Overall, the hotel is super comfy and would recommend for solo travels and couples!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

– Emily 🤍

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