Thing I did in 2019

Hi everyone! 2019 is almost over and I wanted to write down the things I did this year to look back on! Let’s get started:

1. I read a couple of books: I’m really surprised by how much I read this year. TBH, I use to NEVER read books! I hated reading them, but that’s just because I never found something that I liked! I’m really drawn to books now because it’s also a great time to myself and to get off of my phone. I’m really into self help books, business, and entrepreneur books.

2. I went to Naples, FL and Key west, FL. My aunt actually lives here, so we try to go and see her once in a while. She has a very beautiful place on the beach! You can never say no when going! Free stay and free food, why not?

3. I went to New York City. New York has been a place I’ve always wanted to go too. It’s been my dream destination in the U.S. for a very long time now. I am OBSESSED with tall buildings and different architecture. Probably because I see corn fields and trees all day where I live, sadly. It’s just a different scenery that I’ve fallen in love with.

4. I went to Chicago, Illinois. I honestly can never get tired of this city. Luckily, I only live about 3-4 hours away from Chicago. Just like NYC, it has such a different atmosphere and look to it. My boyfriend and I went 5 times this year.

5. I joined jiu jitsu. I’ve always been really intrigued with self defense. Especially since I’m only 5’0″. I’ve very tiny and I feel like I’m a really easy target. Self defense has been something on my mind ever since I graduated high school. (I graduated in 2015.) Joining this class has been very hard for me, not because I can’t do any of the techniques, but because I’m actually a really shy person. Everyone in my class seems to talk only to people they know and it’s hard getting out my comfort zone and talking to them. That’s just something I’ll have to get over. It’s been challenging, but it has been something that has helped me and I love it a lot.

6. I started acting lessons. I’ve always been intrigued by the entertainment industry. When I was younger, My cousins and I use to make up plays and have concerts. I’ve always loved singing and dancing. I’m not good at it, lol, but it was always something I was drawn too. In middle school, I participated in musicals and I was in show choir. I was in choir in middle school and half of high school. I was on the dance team for 1 year in high school. I wanted to try acting out just to see if I’d like it and to get out of my comfort zone. I live in the midwest and acting isn’t a huge thing here. So, I take online lessons with a coach. Acting is something I love to do, it’s just a lot of practice, money, and time. You have to really dedicate your LIFE to it.

7. I got a car. I’ve had my license since I was 16 years old, but I always shared a car with my dad or my brother. Which was fine with me. My brother recently moved out, meaning he was taking our car. So, that would mean I’d be car-less and/or having to use my parents cars when I could. My dad finally agreed to get me my own and I did. I babysit my younger brother and being stuck at home all day sucks. So, it’s very convenient having my own car. Which I am very grateful/thankful for!

8. I started learning Spanish: If you guys couldn’t tell, I am Hmong. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. Lol, but I’m not fluent in Hmong. Which is kind of upsetting to a lot of people who are. So, I’m sorry. Lol, but growing up, we never really spoke Hmong in our house. I am trying my best to learn it as much as possible and speak it more daily. I’m also trying to learn Spanish. It’s just something I thought I’d try out! You can never stop learning! I thought, why not try out something new? I love using the app, Duolingo.

9. I learned a lot about myself: This year I learned quite a bit about myself. I hate it when people say that,” I’ve changed” because why is that a bad thing? Change is good. I wouldn’t want to be the same person I was when I was 18-20 y/o. I actually hated myself those years and looking back, wow.. I was embarrassing asf and stupid. I learned to really let things go from the past and learned to just love myself. Some people may not think that I’ve changed, but I know I have and that’s all that matters. Maybe I’ll write a separate blog on this in the future!

10. I stopped drinking coffee: I’m not sure specifically when I stopped, but I know I haven’t drank any at all this year. I just drink a lot of tea now. The reason why I stopped drinking coffee was because it’s just really unhealthy. I don’t like black coffee, otherwise I’d drink it. But honestly, I don’t need coffee in the morning to wake up. I was never really crazy about drinking coffee anyways. So, it wasn’t super hard for me to stop. I usually drank like mocha’s, frappes, cappuccinos, all that sweet shit.

12. I learned a lot of new things this year: This is different from #9. This is learning things in general. Like about people, the world, business, politics, relationships, etc.. This year alone, I gained a lot of new knowledge about things that I didn’t care about in the past. I’m really proud of how far I’ve gotten this year. Again, you can never stop  learning new things.

Overall, 2019 has been a learning year for me. I’m very happy with the way things turned out this year and I can’t believe its going to be 2020. I hope you guys did a lot of things this year as well! Leave some comments below telling me what you did in 2019!

Goodbye, 2019.

Lots of love, Emily ❤

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Hello everyone! My name is Emily. I am 24 years old from the midwest! This blog is a place where we can encourage each other, learn new things, and have fun! I focus mainly on fashion, but will throw in the occasional beauty, travel, and food! I hope you find something that interests you and enjoy!

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