Fall Must haves!

I actually can’t believe it’s fall already in 2019! Here are some of favorite fall items!

1. Tea: I’m not a coffee person anymore otherwise I’d totally say pumpkin spice latte, but tea if my favorite! I’m super open to trying new flavors of tea since they have sooooooo many different kinds! Some of my favorite flavors are lemon, peach & ginger, and ginger. I’m also talking about hot tea. I actually do not like fruity tea when its hot. Only when it’s iced! Since it is getting colder out, I like to drink a lot of tea/ warm water because it keeps me healthy! I always put honey in my tea!

2. Crocodile bags: Faux leather mini bags are super popular right now! Crocodile has been so crazy popular this year and I honestly love it. I got this bag from Romwe for only $8! The quality of it is actually pretty good!

3. Plaid pants/skirts: These are a must have if you’re into fashion! Fall is the prime time for plaid! I’m really obsessed with anything plaid.

4. Black Boots: Leather boots are a HIT when it comes to fall! I’ve had the same leather boots for almost 5 years, so this is the year to get some new ones! I recently got these ankle boots from Target! These have been in style forever now! I believe they were only $30.

5. Knit sweaters: My FAVORITE time of the year! Knit sweaters are honestly such a blessing because you don’t even need to wear a bra! I’ve honestly gotten so many knit sweaters from thrift stores! So, go and check out your local thrift stores and Goodwill because they have a ton there! My favorite one so far is this grey turtle neck one from Target! It was $22. Super cozy and oversized and this is a size XS!

6. Oversized cardigans: Same with knit sweaters, these are the best! I recently got a new one from Target and I honestly feel like a grandma. Lol, jk. But this grey one is super cozy!

Here are just a couple of things I love during the fall time! Hope you guys enjoy!

– Emily ❤️


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