Why I started journaling

Today I’m going to share a short entry of why I started journaling. I write in my journal like it’s more of a diary. I’ve had my journal since 2015.

Why I started journaling: I really wanted to get one to write about my life and what was happening. I don’t write daily only because it’s really hard to talk about things everyday when nothing happened. I usually only journal when I want to, which can be bad because I’ll totally forget about it. I’m so happy that I did start though, because looking back to 2015, I’ve changed soooooo much. So much has happened that I forgot about and I’m so glad to look back on things that have happened and how I was feeling at the time. It’s a personal diary that no one reads, but myself. I don’t even think my parents know about it. You can journal in so many different ways. Taking pictures is a way of journaling, honestly if you think about. If we look back on our childhood pictures, we’re glad that our parents or whoever took them did, because we wouldn’t know what we were like as kids or what happened.

Why you should start journaling: I think everyone should start journaling. It’s a great way of getting your feelings out there when you don’t know how to express them out loud or you don’t know to talk to other people about your feelings. I definitely have that issue because I don’t want people to worry about me. It’s like a time capsule. Talking about a part of your life where things could’ve been super bad at the time or super great is intriguing to look back on because we’ll forget that those things even happened. Its awesome to get to look back on and see how you were at a certain time and age. I also think that being under 30 years old is the time when we’re all trying to find ourselves and what we represent. Not saying that when you hit 30, you’ll have it all figured out, but hopefully by then, we’re different from what we were when we were 20.

I hope you consider journaling in the future to look back on! I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think in the comments below!

-Emily ❤


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