Public Hotel, NYC.

Hi everyone! I recently went to New York City and I wanted to show you the hotel we stayed at! We stayed at the Public hotel By Ian Schrager. I love reviewing hotels, so let’s get started! This hotel is located in lower Manhattan.

1. The lobby: I didn’t get many photos of the lobby, but hotel has a very modern, industrial feel to it. This hotel is also very busy and popular. It has a restaurant, a rooftop bar, other  bars, and a club. If you do not like that, I wouldn’t suggest this place for you! As it gets very busy on the weekends! Even though there is all of this going on, we couldn’t hear any of it from our room! Which is fantastic! (Please note that we stayed on the 14th floor, so you might hear more noise on lower floors.)

Pictured is the walkway to the hotel entrance and the escalators you’ll see when you first walk in, as well as some of the lobby.)

Pictures above are provided by the hotel website. The ones below are from me.

2. The room: We stayed on the 14th floor in a queen bedroom with a view. To be honest, we thought the room was going to look different. It’s not like the boxy ones online. (I inserted a picture down below) As they’re advertised the most. I don’t mean to complain though because we still had an amazing view and the room was still clean and modern! Walking in, the first thing you see on your right is the sink with 2 closets and on the left is the bathroom. I like to make myself feel right at home as you can see. Past the closet, you’ll see the bed, with a desk and a nightstand. The night stand holds the fridge in it. Then you’ll see the view! The room has something called “room controls”. On the right side of the bed. It controls the lights, shades, and temperature. The room also has Apple TV. This is really random, but the ceilings are concrete, which is very industrial. They do not have any microwaves in the rooms or down in the lobby, which was very disappointing. We had a ton of leftover food, but we couldn’t even enjoy it because they had no microwaves. There is also no mini bar in the room, if you like that. They do give you complementary water bottles.

*** what I thought our room was going to look like.***

Our actual room:

3. The bathroom: Surprisingly, they don’t have many pictures of the bathroom on their website, besides the ones in the suites. Im not too picky on bathrooms because, let’s be honest. It’s a bathroom. I will say that the door is just a sliding door. It’s not very private. The floor does become all wet and gross when you do shower, so just keep that in mind to lay down a towel outside of the door. I wouldn’t recommend this hotel if you’re traveling with family/ friends/ business. If you like your privacy. Overall it’s fine. The sink area is on the outside of the bathroom. They do provide shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

4. The rooftop: Even if you’re not staying at this hotel, come by just to see the rooftop! It has an amazing 180 view! You can see the Empire State Building AND the World Trade Center building! It gets very busy on the weekends, so don’t be mad if you can’t get by the edge of the building. Everyone is there to see the view, you’ll just have to wait your turn to get to the edge. The rooftop opens from 11AM -3PM for lunch and again from 5PM -2 AM. I will say that you CAN’T get onto the rooftop, unless you’re 21 after lunch. They didn’t ID us the first day because it was very busy, but the second day they did. Also, the drinks are very pricy because it’s New York. It’s $17 for a drink. So, be prepared. πŸ˜… We did not go to the club, but I heard the lines are ridiculously long! The lines for the rooftop also get very long, so I’d recommend coming before sunset! The tables are always reserved as well. If you want to reserve one, I’d call probably a day or more before. The rooftop space in general is not very big. It is very over crowded.

I see a lot of reviews online saying how the workers are rude or too young or immature. All of the workers were nothing but, kind and helpful for us. Everyone is SUPER SUPER friendly! Also, I see reviews of people saying that the rooms are “small”, but let’s be honest. It’s a hotel room.. Unless you’re getting a suite, they’re all going to be small. A hotel is a room is just a place you’ll shower and sleep at anyways. This hotel definitely isn’t cheap. Depending on when you book, it can be anywhere from $195-$400/ night. I’d suggest booking at least 4-5 months ahead to get the cheapest price! (It also depends on what room you get.) Breakfast is NOT included. They do have a few complimentary items. Overall, I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone who comes to NYC!

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Let me know what you think below!

-Emily ❀️

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  1. Omg! This hotel is so chic! I love the open shower!! Your outfits are to die for. So fashun. :)β™‘

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