How I pack a minimalist bag!

Do you struggle to pack for a weekend trip OR overpack your bags?? Same. Lol, but I’m trying to pack minimal and here is what I do! I’m going to New York from September 20- 24. We’re technically only spending 3 full days there! Thankfully we flew with an airline that lets us have a free personal and carry on item!

My suitcase/ carry on bag:

Suitcase size:

– 20 inches height

– 13 inches width

What I’m putting inside my suitcase:

The top pocket:

– A comb, basically the only thing that can fit in here!

The bottom pocket:

– A curler

– make up setting spray

Inside the suitcase:

Top pocket:

– undies


– sticky bra

– sports bra

– belts

– make up bag

Bottom pocket:

It’s September, so it’s somewhat still hot, but chilly. I’m packing some summer items just in case, but mostly fall clothes! I made sure to plan my outfits ahead of time! This is time consuming, but definitely worth it because you won’t pack as much! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to plan your outfits!

– 1 pair of my favorite shorts

– 2 pairs of shoes ( 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes and 1 pair of heels!) I wear sneakers to the airport. Technically not in my suitcase.

– 1 pair of jeans

– 1 pair of gringham pants

– 1 pair of sleeping shorts and sleeping shirt (you really don’t need to pack too many sleeping clothes. There’s no point in wasting space.)

– 1 sweater (always just in case!)

– 1 skirt

– 4 shirts

– 1 dress

– 1 blazer

– 1 Jean jacket

– mini black purse (mostly for pictures) lolol.

– mustard yellow bodysuit

– a trash bag for dirty laundry ( please don’t drag me for the plastic bag! I forgot to buy a laundry bag!)

Backpack/ personal bag:

– 19 inches height

– 12 inches width

– laptop

– Canon 5D

– laptop charger

– camera batteries & charger

– phone charger

– portable charger

– film camera

– Polaroid camera

– keys

– wristlet

– pen & paper

Advil & Dramamine

My make up bag:

– I personally don’t wear too much make up. I only packed my everyday make up!

My amenity bag: this bad actually holds WAY more items that I expected for a smaller bag, but it honestly fits everything I use!

– toothbrush

– tooth paste

– floss

– lotion

– hair ties

– q tips and wood picks

– razor

– filer

– travel mirror

– Morphe eyeshadow palette

– make up remover

– cotton pads

– head/ neck scarf

– 2 hair clips

– fake lashes

– wet one wipes

– jewelry bag

– hair moose

My jewelry bag:

I made sure to really limit myself on jewelry!

4 pairs of earrings

– 1 necklace

My wristlet:


-Debit card

– gum

– chapstick

This is everything I will be packing along with me! I also forgot to mention deodorant. Lol. Don’t forget that!!

Hope you guys enjoyed!

– Emily ❤️

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