Back to school look book! |2019

Hey everyone! It’s back to school already! This is so crazy to me because I swear summer just started and once summer ends the rest of the year always goes by sooooo fast! Who agrees with me on that?? Anyways, I haven’t been in school since 2015. Lol, but I always loved dressing up for school because I love fashion! So, picking out my own outfits was really fun! Also, when your outfit looks great, you just feel great during school! I don’t know what everyone’s dress code is, but I know that for us, there was no spaghetti straps and your dresses/ skirts had to be longer than your finger tips when your arms are down. If that makes sense. Lol. Let’s get started!

1. Starting off with this outfit, this is one of my favorites! I loveeeee pants, that are not jeans! Soft and flowy pants because they’re super comfortable! You’re going to be sitting down most of the time for school, so you want to be comfortable!

Pants and shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Superga’s

Belt: Thrift store

2. I have been loving the shirts underneath tanks recently! It just gives such a different vibe to your outfit! Also, you don’t have to worry about getting dress coded during school! This show super casual, yet comfy! Wear as many dresses and skirts because it gets cold out!

Dress: Romwe

Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Superga’s

Belt: thrift store

3. This is exactly the same as the last one, I just wanted to include it because you can literally do this to any thin strap dress/ tank!

Dress: H&M

Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Converse

4. This outfit screams fall! This is probably my favorite strip shirt ever because of the colors! They just go so well together! Jeans are my favorite because they’re so casual. My favorite brand of jeans are American Eagle because they have such a huge variety of style and they have a huge selection of sizes!

Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s

Belt: Amazon

5. This is definitely casual, but flirty! I love tips like these because you can get away with looking like you,” dressed up”. Yet the jeans make you look still casual!

Shirt: Shein

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s

Belt: Amazon

6. Moving on, this outfit is a bit different. Again, I love block colored pants that aren’t jeans! You can just style them so differently, yet you’re still limited depending on the color. Graphic tee’s are great for school because they’re casual, but you can definitely dress them up!

Shirt: Amazon

Pants: Forever 21

Shoes: Converse

Belt: Thrift store

7. Summer dresses are great because they’re comfy and flowy! I love to pair straight dresses with belt to give it a bit more of definition and body form!

Dress: Burlington

Belt: Romwe

Shoes: Converse

8. This is a good example of dressing up graphic tee’s! You look well put together, but still casual!

Shirt: Heartman Clothing

Pants: Marshall’s

Shoes: Superga’s

Belt: Romwe

9. This is definitely a business casual outfit! Depending on how you feel, go for it! I loved dressing up for school. I feel like some people would judge me for looking like this because I put ” too much effort” into my outfit, but honestly. I felt good! So, who cares!

Pants: H&M

Shirt: Romwe

Cardigan: Forever 21

Shoes: Lulu’s

10. For the last and final outfit, I feel like this is what most girls wear for fall! Which I personally love!

Shirt: Forever 21

Jacket: Forever 21

Skirt: Romwe

Shoes: Converse

I hope you guys enjoy! Get some inspiration and enjoy back to school if you’re going!

– Emily ❤️

Published by Here Is Emily

Hello everyone! My name is Emily. I am 24 years old from the midwest! This blog is a place where we can encourage each other, learn new things, and have fun! I focus mainly on fashion, but will throw in the occasional beauty, travel, and food! I hope you find something that interests you and enjoy!

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