Chicago EMC2 hotel |2019

(View from our room)

Hey everyone! I recently went to Chicago for the weekend and wanted to share the hotel I stayed at! The hotel we stayed at is called EMC2. The hotel is very modern and unique. Sadly, we didn’t get to eat at the restaurant or sit at the bar they had because it was so full!! We did go memorial weekend, so that was probably why it was so busy. I would suggest this hotel for couples or solo travels!

Price: We stayed 1 night for $189 plus tax. Grand total was $221.

The room: They have many different rooms. We got a room with a king size bed plus a city view. (Which yes, you can choose to have a city view and different size beds, but you do have to pay more for the view and king bed. I’m a HUGE sucker for city views!!)

Parking: If you drive to Chicago, like we do, there is this app called SpotHero. They let you rent other peoples parking spots,(on the street or in ramps) for cheaper prices! This app is so convenient, especially if you’re on a budget! So, normally for a 3- day weekend, the total would be anywhere around $100. Which is a ton for parking, in my opinion! With the app, it has so many different spots to choose from. The prices range anywhere from $10- $90 depending on where you park and how long you’re staying! We stayed for 2 days, so our total was only $34! *this app is also super convenient if you’re parking at airports!!!*


Use my code bzrvp to get $7 off!

Streets of downtown Chicago.

The view from our room on floor 9!

The bathroom: I adored the bathroom so much! I didn’t take a picture of the toilet just because, it’s a toilet. Lol. The sink and vanity were so beautiful! It has the marbel detailing in the back! The shower was in the middle of the room, which does have a curtain! So, don’t worry!

The bedroom: As I had said before, we got a king bed! Which was super comfortable. The pillows are super fluffy, as usual for hotels. So, I had a sore neck, because I’m not a huge fan of super high, fluffy pillows, but that’s not a big deal for me! The wall has this very different background with a face, half waves and half clouds! I believe this painting is in every room!

They have this super unique edition in their room. It looks like a little horn, but you can actually put your phone on the top and it’s a speaker! I did try it out and it’s not the best, but I have never seen anything like this in any other hotel!

Full room tour:

hotel website:

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– Love, Emily ❤️

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