TRU in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Hey everyone! I’m in Sterling Heights, Michigan for the weekend and I wanted to show everyone the hotel we stayed in! For 3 days and 2 nights we paid a total of $225 for 1 room with 2 queen beds.

The lobby is seriously my FAVORITE! It’s modern yet retro! It has a lot of fun colors with some very cool seating areas! They have a pool table and some board games you can play! They also have some complementary breakfast, coffee, and tea, but no room service.

Don’t be fooled by the swimming pool. It’s honestly way smaller than it looks. It’s still super nice! Tallest height is only 5’5.

They have a small gym as well. It’s not too bad. They have everything you need in a small gym!

The room is quiet small. We had 2 queen beds and a bathroom. They have different soap & lotion dispensers that I have never seen before! They’re super unique though! Rooms are very clean and modern! The room does have a connecting door to the next room. Don’t worry, they have locks on them! The room also includes a mini fridge and a nice sized tv. Microwave is located in the lobby area.

Overall, I give this hotel a 4/5. It’s a super modern and a kid friendly hotel with a great location downtown!

Link to hotel:

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