1 dress, 10 ways!

Hey everyone! Got nothing to wear? Here’s how to style 1 dress in 10 ways! The dress I will be using today is from forever 21. I love the idea of styling a dress in different ways.

1. Starting off we had to leave the dress by itself. I decided to add a very thin belt to pretty much every single outfit because it gives it a little bit more dimension instead of just being a simple shift dress. I added some chunky Supergas with some hoops.

2. This outfit is probably one of my favorites only because it looks very well put together. It’s not too casual, but not too professional. This is also great to wear if you’re still in school so you don’t get dress coded. The turtleneck, black pants, and backpack are all from forever 21. The shoes are from Target.

4. This is a very simple casual outfit. I added the shorts that I actually got from Rome’s.com. They are surprisingly super good quality and I love the length of these. My shoes are from Target. I look like I’m going to the farmers market or something. Lol.

5. Again, another very simple casual outfit. The skirt is from forever 21 and I just tucked in my dress and added some brown heels from Target.

6. Moving onto this outfit, here is another one of my favorites. This is something you could wear to school as well. The turtle neck is from Tillys, belt is from Amazon, and the shoes are from lulus.

7. For this outfit I just decided to add a very simple thin jacket on top of the dress along with some shoes from target. This is a very cute romantic look if you’re going to go on a little date with someone or a summer night out.

8. At this point I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. I feel like I’m so bad at pairing things with each other, but just go with this outfit. lol. I added this little black blouse on top of this dress. I decided not to match any belt with this because I felt like tying the shirt up will give it a little bit more dimension. I don’t think it’s too bad, not everyone’s cup of tea, you know?

9. One of the most basic outfits ever. I just decided to tuck the dress into the jeans and added some black sandals. I look like I’m going to the farmers market still even though it’s not even open.

9. For this outfit, I just added a white T-shirt underneath the dress along with some white converse. You know, it’s a little different not the same just bring some more spring summer but the other one brought a more dark winter by you feel me?


I’m going to be totally honest. I was just getting really creative at this point. I was trying to mix the different patterns, but I’m kind of unsure about this one. I still love the pieces! Skirt is from Forever 21 and shoes are from Lulu’s.

I hope you guys got some inspiration and enjoyed!

Watch the video:

Thanks for watching! ❤️

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