How to have healthy hair!

Hey everyone, do you want healthier hair?? Then keep on reading! I’m very blessed to have very thick Asian hair. Here are some ways I keep my hair from dying!

1. Don’t use so many products:

I personally don’t use a ton of products, but when if I do, I like to space out the usage of them. If you use hair masks, don’t use them very often. They do make your hair super nice, silky, and soft. But it literally says on the packaging to use maybe once a week. Sometimes too much product is bad. Let your hair breathe for a second!

2. Don’t wash your hair everyday!:

I know I know. Some people are going to want to throw up! Truth is, it is better for you hair! I personally don’t wash my hair everyday because you’re stripping the natural oils from your hair. It also dries it out more too! Another tip is to not tie your hair up too often because it makes your hair break and plus it make your hair line go back more. lol.

3. Don’t put so too much heat:

Once I take a shower. I don’t touch my hair at all. I don’t put any heat, products, or even comb my hair for the first day! I like to let my hair breathe for the first day. I’ve been doing this for awhile and it actually works pretty good! I don’t have as much split ends! When I do use heat, I ALWAYS put on heat protectant spray! It actually works very well and makes your hair easier to work with! It also smells amazing!

4. Products I use:

I HIGHLY recommend using heat protectant spray, hair oils, hair masks, dry shampoo. I use them all! I only use dry shampoo when I’m basically desperate for a good hair day! Lol. Hair masks I barely use. Maybe once a month or even more. Hair oil I use when I curl my hair, but not every time!

I hope you enjoyed this blog! I also hope you try some of these tips out!

Thanks for reading!

-Emily ❤

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