Spring Cleaning! | 2019

Hey everyone! Spring is here and something everyone should do is some cleaning! If you hate cleaning, then maybe this isn’t for you. I personally love to clean and be organized!  I hope this motivates you to do some spring cleaning! Let’s get started!

1. Closet Cleaning: Every time a season passes by I love to go through my closet to see what clothing pieces I wore and didn’t. Something I like to tell myself is the more clothes I donate/ sell/ throw away, the more new ones I can buy! When I go through my closet I like to section my clothing pieces from keep, to sell, to donate, and to trash. I know I’m not the only one who tries to excuse some clothing pieces because you think you’ll wear it one day, but just get rid of it.

2.  How to make more space: Get boxes, dividers, etc… Making more space makes your closet look more clean and roomy. Fold your clothes a certain way. There is a new Netflix series out with a Japanese girl named Marie Kondo. She has a perfect way of folding clothing items to make more space. I just started doing this recently and honestly, it totally works! Everything just looks more put together and way easier to grab! Especially my jeans!

3. Selling clothes: If you’re looking for places to sell clothes, I’d suggest using apps like Vinted, Poshmark, and Depop! They’re super easy to use and the customers pay for shipping. All you have to do is drop it off to the post office!

Here’s a link to my Vinted account:


4. Throw away unworn jewelry: I’m sure we all have unworn jewelry in our room. I know I do. Especially when jewelry is cheap, the quality of it usually starts to discolor. I got this rack on Amazon. I also had my purses on this rack before, but I took them off for this picture! I didn’t get rid of much, but it’s still something!



5. Trash expired beauty products: This is something everyone should do, but they probably don’t think about it. Beauty products EXPIRE! Usually after a year I will trash my items if I didn’t use them because they get gross. Same with make up too. I always buy make up because I want to try it out, but I usually end up not using them. A waste of money, I know.

Products near my hand are expired and I barely use them!

6. Sanitize!: This is something I try to do every once in awhile, but sanitize everything! From door knobs to lights to even your phone! We touch these things on a daily basis and who knows how much bacteria is on there! I sanitize things like my phone, my laptop, my lamps, door knobs, remote controller, etc.. this is crucial especially if you have kids.

Happy cleaning!

– Emily ❤️

Published by Here Is Emily

Hello everyone! My name is Emily. I am 22 years old from the midwest! This blog is a place where we can encourage each other, learn new things, and have fun! I hope you find something that interests you and enjoy!

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