For spring break I went to Naples, FL. It’s not a very popular place people go for spring break. Its not your typical Miami or Panama City Beach. Its a lot of older people and nicer cars. We went because my aunt actually lives there. She has a beautiful place that’s located right on Vanderbilt beach. One of the beaches you should visit.

Day 1: Our flight left at 6:40 AM and we landed at 10:45 AM. Which gave us the whole day to do stuff. We flew in to Fort Myers, which is about 30 minutes away from Naples. It is actually cheaper to fly into fort Myers rather than Naples, Florida itself. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Naples, I suggest looking at and for cheap, but nice hotels/ homes. I would look about 3-6 months ahead if you want even cheaper places to stay. We rented a car from, which was about $400 for a week. Not too bad, but only if you’re going to use a car. I wouldn’t suggest renting one if you know you aren’t going to travel anywhere that much. The traffic here isn’t super crazy, but there’s still some. The whole day we pretty much just chilled by the pool and beach. The beach was packed as usual, so we stayed mostly by the pool. Which we are very fortunate that my aunt has one. March is a time where it is mostly warm, but can get cold if it is windy or night time. The water temperature of the ocean is very chill. Summer time the ocean water can be very warm, which isn’t fun.

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Day 2: We woke up at 8 AM to go and get our nails done. After that we were granted to go eat some sushi at a place called Sushi Thai. We got the dragon roll, shrimp tempura roll, and the Mexican roll. My favorite was the dragon roll. If you order enough sushi, they actually bring it out to you in a wooden boat, which I find fascinating. I haven’t felt that bloated in months after eating that delicious sushi. Going back to my aunts place we decided to take a walk. Bad decision as it started to rain… a lot. We got drenched in water and saw a random turtle walking through the grass. The night ended with some tacos from a place called Tacos and Tequila. It was alright, the place was definitely packed. It was a 35-45 min wait. So, we decided to order out. Wish we could’ve stayed because their drink menu looked phenomenal. I don’t eat tacos too often so I stayed with the regular steak and shrimp tacos.

Day 3: It’s St. Patrick’s day. They had a HUGE parade downtown and I never knew how much everyone loved this holiday. I thought it was just another excuse for everyone to drink all weekend. It was sizzling hot and I’m a type of person that sweats very easily. Downtown is definitely a place you want to go and visit. Now, it’s not Chicago with big tall buildings and lots of people, but architect has a very beachy vibe to it. I think it is very different and homey. We stopped by this beautiful home that had blooming magenta. After downtown we headed to the Naples Pier. Another place where everyone should go and visit. It was super packed this day since the weather was very nice. We actually saw some dolphins swimming near to say hello and eat some lunch! The water is super blue and it’s very pretty. Later that day my aunt took us to her beach club where we got some lobster sliders, pizza, and a burger. The rest of the day we spent getting sun burnt.

Day 4: We decided to head back to the pier this day because we didn’t get to go on the beach the day before. This beach is just the same as Vanderbilt. We wanted to take some nice pictures underneath the pier and it was scotching hot. We headed to a place called Zen BBQ. They have a pretty big menu. We got ramen, Korean bbq, sushi, ceviche, and bubble tea. The ramen and sushi was the, but the Korean bbq.. ehhh. I personally don’t think it was worth the price. They barely gave us any side dishes and the meat quantity was quiet small. When we got back to our place we decided to go paddle boarding! Something everyone should try at least once! All along the beach they have vendors who you can rent paddle boards from. $25 for 30 mins or $30 for 1 hour. Every night ended with us on the beach!

Day 4. Heading to Key West, FL. Don’t do what we did. Lol. Naples to Key West is about a 5 hour drive. We decided to take the way through the Everglades since the roads weren’t as busy. If you don’t know what Everglades national park is, umm. It’s basically just a lot of alligators. Most of the scenery is kind of boring until you hit the top of the island of the Keys. Driving down the water is a super nice blue color. We hit the main island of Key west and went to a restaurant called The Stoned Crab. I’d rate this restaurant a 5/10. My mom, cousin, and I decided to get snow crab/ king crab. It wasn’t too bad, but it was a little bit more on the saltier side. I got this huge drink that actually came in a coconut. A little strong too if you ask me. Lol. They also had a shark farm here. This restaurant was only 15 mins away from our Airbnb. I will say be aware of the many people that are walking on the streets. Our Airbnb was very close to downtown Key West which is Duval Street. That street is known for many stores, gift shops, and food. We spent the rest of the day looking through shops and eating ice cream. Next we headed to Malory square to see sunset. Sadly again, the sunset was depressing. We headed back and grab some pizza on the way.

Day 5: this was a day that we were actually supposed to go snorkeling. I booked with a place called Unfortunately, it was raining super hard this day. Our snorkeling trip got canceled and we got refunded our money. It was about $42 per person. Less than 24 hours in our Airbnb, we just ended up going back Naples. A very sad trip and don’t do what we did like I said before, LOL. We Stopped by the southern most point which is something you should go see if you want to it’s very cool looking. We ended up stopping at a place called something where we had more seafood and drinks. Again, my drink was so strong I thought I was going to get drunk off of just that. It tasted like I was just drinking a shot. I ended up getting shrimp pasta. It was very sour in my opinion, I even got salt and it didn’t help. Heading back up north, the rain slowed down a little bit. We ended up stopping in the Everglades to see an alligator farm. They have parrots, snakes, Emo’s, and a ton of alligators there. We got to see them feed the alligators and she said there was about 250 alligators in that farm. They also have a ton of boat rides in the Everglades. We unfortunately did not go because we had my younger brother with us. After the alligator farm we reached back into Naples where a delicious dinner was waiting for us. More lobster pasta, green bean casserole, and some chicken. Ending the night, we went to the Ritz Carlton Hotel which is located not too far from where my aunt lives. We got some sushi and I got some more drinks, it was nice talking to my aunt all night. This day ended up not too bad considering our snorkeling trip getting canceled.

Day 6: Vacation coming to an end we wanted to spend as much time as we could on the beach. We ended up going somewhere with my aunt and mom. We got stuck doing nothing. Lol, but we went to go eat at a place called, The Cove. It’s a hotel on the beach with a restaurant. It was delicious, except we were getting eaten alive by these little bugs. So, our meal was ruined. Heading back to our place we spent the rest of the day at the pool and beach.

Day 7: Our last day. Our flight wasn’t until 7:40 at night. So, we got the chance to do some stuff before leaving. My aunt was kind enough to sew us some Silk dresses. We went to tan outside for an hour and ya girl got so sun burnt. We ended by eating some Cuban food. ( I didn’t get a picture of it. 😭☹️) said goodbye to my family and back home we went!

That’s all we did for my trip to Naples, Florida! I hope you guys enjoyed!

– Emily ❤️

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