Hey everyone! Have you ever heard of Romwe? or Shein? or Zaful? I’m sure you have because they’ve been popping up everywhere! So, if you don’t know what these websites are, they’re basically super cheap clothes that are kind of too good to be true online. i decided to test out some of their swimsuits to see how the quality is and are they worth it? I’m in Florida for spring break and decided to buy some for my trip! Lets get started:

  1. Blue swimsuit: This is one of my favorite swim suits. The material is very thick and feels just like a swim suit! I adore the bottoms more than the top. The bottoms are more on the cheeky side. I’d give this an 8/10.


2. Black off the shoulder: This swim suit is super adorable. The bottoms are too cheeky and the top is very nice! The only down side with the top is that you can’t move your arms like too fast or like open your arms too wide because the straps on the side definitely restrain you. I’d give this swim suit a 6/10.


3. White one shoulder: This white off the shoulder top swim suit wasn’t too bad. The only downside for this one is that it has no padding in the bra, which I personally do not like. But it’s very good still! I’d rate this one a 5/10.


5. White buckle swim suit: this swim suit is hand downs my favorite one! It’s super trendy and I like the straps a lot! I’d give this one a 10/10!

I’ve ordered some clothing pieces from Romwe and I can say that the swim suits are definitely more worth it than the clothing pieces. That’s just my opinion. Look at the ratings and measurements! I’d forsure get more swim suits in the future if you’re looking for swim suits at a cheap price!

Thanks for reading!

– Emily ❤️

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