Hey Everyone! We’re only in the 3rd month of 2019, but I see these trends ALL the time! I’ll be talking about all of the trends I personally love, so let’s get started!

  1. Leopard print: I feel like animal print has always been in, but when it was first trendy a couple of years ago, it was tacky looking. Lately I have adored the leopard print that is out. It’s on literally everything. I like the darker colors and it looks good on all skin types. This dress is from Forever 21.
  2. Gold coin necklaces: Gold necklaces alone have been super popular for awhile, but the gold COINS have been super popping lately! These are super great for layering or for just simple aesthetic looks. These necklaces are from Forever 21. They were originally are connected, but I decided to get some end clasps and split them apart.

3. Chunky sandals/ sneakers: I’m going to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the chunky sneaker look. For example, the chunky Fila shoes. Just not for me. They look very weird to me. BUT these chunky sandals are one of my new favorites. They’re give off such a summer vibe, which I ADORE! These sneakers that I have aren’t too bad compared to the Fila ones. No offense to anyone who wears them, lol. I like how clean these look and they’re just simple. The sandals are from Target and the Sneakers are Supergas.

4. Puffy sleeves: Puffed sleeves have ALWAYS been here, but this year alone I’ve been seeing them more. I’m talking about the puffed sleeves and the synched waist.  I love this style because you can also wear these off the shoulder. Which brings in more attitude! The shirt is from Target.

5. Marble earrings: I’m not too sure what to call these, so I’ll just be calling them marble earrings. These earrings have been my new favorite accessory. I honestly wear them all the time! They really bring something different to a an outfit and pop out more than just regular hoops. The 2 white ones are from Forever 21 and the others are from Amazon!

6. Scrunches: If you don’t know what these are, where have you been? These were super super popular back then and they’re making a huge comeback! You can honestly DIY these yourself for super cheap and easy, especially if you want a specific design, color, or style. The gingham designed one is from Forever 21 and the other 4 are from Kohl’s.

7. Silk: This is one of those fabrics that make you look sexy asf. I have these 2 tank tops and they’re so flattering and chic on! I also have a leopard print dress that makes me look so good in my opinion. lol. They are all from Forever 21.

8. Straw bags: These got super popular last summer, but they keep coming out with new designs! Which I love! Just like the platform sandals, these bags scream summer! Bag is from Amazon!

9. Small sunglasses: So many different items from the past are making their way back to our present! Just like these sunglasses! Everyone I know HATES these glasses, but I think they’re super different and I personally love the color!

10. Stripes: This is the one of the things that will always be trendy in my opinion. Stripes are great for the summer/ spring time! All of the different colors are super fun to look at and fun to style!

It’s only 3 months into 2019, but I cannot wait to see what other fashion pieces come out and start trending! I hope you enjoyed and let me know what you like that is trending right now!

DISCLAIMER: These are all just my opinions. Please do not get offended by any of these things that I talk about. Everyone has a different taste in fashion and this is what I like personally. Thanks for understanding.

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