Hey everyone! Today I’ll be showing you guys some quick and easy hairstyles for short and thick hair! I decided to cut 10 inches off not knowing what kind of hairstyles I would like. Yes, you can go on the internet and search for different hairstyles, but they might not work. Today I’ll be showing you what I love to do on a daily basis!


  • Hair brush/ comb
  • Hair ties/ rubber bands
  • Hair spray


  • Hair oil
  • Straightener

1. Slick back pony tail: Start by splitting your hair in half. Make sure to brush out any tangles! Push hair behind ears and start to gather your hair behind head. Once you’ve gotten your hair down to your liking, go ahead and tie it together. Spray with hair spray to keep baby hairs down and oil for extra shine!

Sometimes I like to pull some bangs out in front to bring in a little 80’s vibes!

2. Half up, half down: side note: You don’t have to pull out your bangs out in front. Start by pulling back the front of your hair to make a half up, half down look. You also don’t need to make a bun, I just like too personally. That’s it! No hair spray or oil needed!

3. Pulled back bangs: make a middle part to begin. Section off the front of your hair on both sides. The sections you pulled off, you’re going to tie behind the rest of your hair and that’s it! Put some hair spray and oil on and comb out the rest of your hair to make everything sleek.

4. Back braid bun: flip over and start to French or Dutch braid your hair! So, you’re basically braiding your hair upward. (Does that make sense? Lol) once you’ve reached the top of your ears, go ahead and gather the rest of your hair and tie it in a bun!

5. Double braided pony tail: make a middle part. I personally like to do Dutch braids more than French braids! Do whatever you’d like! Only braid until the bottom of your ear, then go ahead and braid the other side. Once you’re done, take both braids and combine to make 1 big pony tail.

These are all of the hairstyles I do on a regular basis, I hope you enjoyed and try these out for yourself! Thanks for chilling!

– Emily ❤️