Hey everyone! Im going to talk about how to pack for a weekend trip! I’m going to Chicago with my boyfriend for 3 days and 2 nights. Luckily for us, we only live about 3-4 hours away from Chicago, so we usually drive! Now, I know this can be totally cheating because I don’t have to pay for any baggage, BUT I’m making this possible for people who are traveling my plane as well! It is winter time, so this will be about winter clothing items! If you’re traveling somewhere warm you have an advantage because shorts and shirts will be smaller to pack!

I am only taking a backpack and a duffle bag! Some airlines are charging for carry-on bags now, which in my opinion is ridiculous, but some don’t! You can make your backpack as your personal bag and have the duffle bag as a carry-on. (Also, I suggest bringing a smaller purse or wristlet to keep your money/ cards in and shove that in your backpack instead of making that your personal bag.) If you happen to go on a plane that does NOT charge you for a carry on item, then save yourself some money and don’t get a checked bag!


If you travel with thin backpack, like myself, I suggest you don’t fill it up too much because it’ll start to hurt your shoulders. The items I usually put in my backpack are my most valuable items like my laptop, camera, chargers, etc… If you don’t pack camera gear or anything like that, I suggest you fill your backpack with other items like extra shoes, accessories, hair curlers, or anything that won’t fit in your duffle bag\ suitcase so that it won’t be overweight if you have a checked bag.


When packing for a weekend trip, bringing a smaller suitcase or duffle bag will make you pack more wisely! With a bigger bag, it’ll MAKE you want to pack more items and fill that thing right up! 


In the center of my duffle bag, is where all my clothing items will go. For a weekend trip, I like to pack 2 pair of jeans, 1 pair of nice pants, a nice dress or skirt, 3-5 shirts, 2 sleeping shorts, 2 sleeping shirts, 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of bras & undies, and a nice pair of shoes.

If you’re like me, I LOVE to take pictures, especially in a big city like Chicago! A little HACK that I do is pack a couple different shirts and take pictures at different locations. It’ll look like you’re in Chicago at different times if you post the pictures separately. I like to take more portrait style pictures, so I usually never change my bottoms. When packing clothes, I like to try on my outfits beforehand so I know what I’m going to wear on what day! ! I know this is hard for some people, but really trust your gut and only pack what you KNOW you’ll wear!!

I pack my jeans\ pants first because they’re the biggest! I suggest packing the biggest items first! (Like sweaters, jackets, etc…)

Then next goes in my sleeping clothes. I like to put these on the bottom because they’re the last items you’ll reach for in your bag!

Next goes in my regular shirts!

I like to place my intimates on tops for easy access! Mainly my socks!

Lastly, I put my shoes on top and that’s it!


The side pockets are where I place all of my extra items. Make up, hair brush, accessories, toiletries, and more!

Another life HACK I use when taking pictures, is bringing different accessories. The great thing about accessories is that they don’t take up as much space as clothing items! I love to bring different hats, sunglasses, and more!

That is all for how I pack for a weekend trip! I hope you guys found some information and use this for yourself! Thanks for stopping by!

-Emily ❤

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