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Today, I’ll be talking about becoming a plant parent! Having plants has become such a huge trend within these past few years! The hard thing about having plants is keeping them alive. All of my plants are indoors, so this will not be about any outdoor gardening! I’ll be talking about how to generally take care of plants, the plants I have and more! I do just want to say I have had these plants for a year now, but I am no expert. This is all just from experience and what works for me! Let’s get started!

First, I want to say that there are many great things about having plants in your home! They bring in a lot of good oxygen to the air, they reduce stress, they help keep you active, produce creativity, they produce humidity, bring in good energy, and much more. Every plant brings something to the table!

  1. RESEARCH!!!: I seriously cannot stress this enough when getting plants, but RESEARCH your stuff and write it down! A lot of people will just buy plants and expect them to live in the condition they put it in, but that’s not the case. I like to say that plants are like pets. They’re all different and they need to be taken care of differently. I know that sounds like a  lot of work, but it really isn’t. I researched a lot of my information on Pinterest. You can type things in like,”Plants that don’t need a lot of care.” or ,” Plants that don’t need sunlight.”, or,” Plants that won’t die easily.”. Pinterest has it all! If you’re researching about a specific plant, Pintrest also has a lot of information on them. Just type in the name and the word,” care”. For example,” Succulent care” and a lot of different blogs will pop up!
  2. Climate: I live in a state that gets really cold in the winter time, but not too hot in the summer. I love to open my windows and bring in fresh air, especially when I cook. Plants unfortunately will NOT survive in cold weather. I’m sure that’s obvious because everything dies in the winter time. Just make sure to be aware of the conditions you live in. If you live in a state that does get TOO hot and sunny, you’ll have to look up how long you can leave your plant out. Some plants only like 4-6 hours of harsh sunlight and some like 8 hours.
  3. Soil and Potting: When you’re ready to transfer your plant into a different pot, make sure to be really gentle and pull at the base of the plant (near the dirt). Potting is more of a big deal than you think. You shouldn’t keep transferring your plants into different pots, this will actually kill your plant. Every couple of months should be fine, but not too often. When you research about plants, people will talk about the different kinds of soil that specific plants like. I personally didn’t look into it too much because soil does get pretty pricy. I used the same dirt for all my plants. I’m not too sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but none of my plants have died yet. I also do not use any plant food or fertilizer.

4. Watering: Every plant likes to be watered differently so I can’t say much about this one. I will say this, DO NOT OVER WATER YOUR PLANTS!! Unless that plant needs to be! Over watering will cause your plant to die. I know people like to water their plants everyday, but they shouldn’t. Usually the plants in your room aren’t too big, so they don’t need a lot of water. Plants like to be watered when the soil is almost dry, completely dry, or every 4-7 days. Watering is also less frequent in the winter time versus the summer time! Research about it and you’ll know what yours like!

Now let’s move onto the plants I have and how to take I care of them!

  • The Jade plant: This is a beautiful plant that is tall and very green! The leaves are very thick and shiny! Don’t over water!  When you do water this plant, make sure the soil is dry to touch. This plant does needs sunlight! So, make sure you keep it by the window! If this plant starts to turn the other way, you will have to keep turning this plant if you want it to stay in the center. My plant is about a foot long. (the pot is from Hobby Lobby)

  • The Aloe Plant: The aloe plant is super useful. You can actually use this for cuts, burns, hair growth, healthy eating, and way more! Make sure the soil is completely dry before watering. They actually keep water in their leaves, so they can go without water for awhile! This plant loves the sun because it is actually a desert plant. Keep it by the window! The aloe plant leaves don’t get too big, but they do spread out more. When I first got this plant it only had 4 leaves and now it has like 10. This is also a money saver if you like to use aloe! (the pot is from Home Depot)

  •  The Snake plant: This plant is great for those who don’t have a lot of sunlight in their room! This plant is the best if you forget to water your plant or just forget you have plants in general! This doesn’t need to be watered very often, but at least once in awhile. Make sure the soil is dry to touch. This plant doesn’t need much sunlight, but if you do want it to grow, put it in the sun! Mine unfortunately hasn’t grown since I got it because its on my nightstand. (the pot was actually a candle, I removed all the wax. From Marshall’s)

  • The Zebra plant: These are super aesthetic, cute, and little! These are great if you have smaller window spaces! This plant is great if you forget to water it! Since this one is smaller, it doesn’t need to be watered very often or given too much water! This plant doesn’t any\ a small amount of sunlight! (the pot is from Amazon)

  • The Cactus plant: Cactus plants are great for those who forget to water it! These are desert plants! So, they LOVE the sunlight! All they get is sunlight and little water! I water mine probably only once a month or even less! They actually grow when they aren’t watered. (the pot is from Dollar Tree)

  • The Janet Craig plant: This plant is probably my favorite because it legit looks like a fake plant! The leaves are so green and it doesn’t get too tall! This plant is also great if you don’t have a lot of sunlight in your room, but if you want it to grow, do put it in the sun! Make sure this plant is completely dry when watering. These don’t need to be watered very often! (the pot is from TJ MAXX)

  • The Echeveria plant: This plant is the MOST COMMONLY KNOWN succulent plant. A lot of people don’t know that it’s actually called Echeveria (echo – ver-ia). People know this as the most basic succulent plant, but did you know there are more than just 1? These plants do need sunlight. Water these regularly in spring\ summer and once a month fall\ winter. If some of your leaves do fall, make sure to pick them up, as they do attract bugs. This plant actually leans towards the sun as well. If it does, just turn it.

Here are a list of some other plants that are easy care and low light plants: Peace Lily, Rubber Plant, Birds and Nest Fern, Yucca Plant, Ivy plant, Cast Iron, Chinese Evergreen, Spider plant, Moonshine Plant, Palm plant, and many, many, more.

I promise you, plants are way more easier to take care of than you think, you just have to be considerate of what they do\ do not like! I hope this helped you out more about owning plants and how to take care of them!

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– Emily ❤

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