Hey everyone! I’ve been seeing this trend go around with fringe bottoms! I love this trend and wanted to try it out myself! So, here’s my DIY version of Fringe jeans!

1. You’ll need:

– ruler


– tweezers

– something to mark your jeans with.

– Get SKINNY jeans. I found these American Eagle Dark wash jeans at the thrift store for $4!

2. I went ahead and cut off about 5-6 inches off from the bottom of my jeans. Only because these jeans were a bit longer on me anyways, but if yours aren’t too long ahead and cut off the bottom seam from the jeans. I would suggest to cut above the ankles.

3. Measure about 2-4 inches vertically from the bottom of your jeans and mark a line (horizontally). Then go ahead and put your ruler on the bottom of your jeans and every half inch, go ahead and cut your jeans vertically until you hit the 2-4 inches mark you made from before.

5. After you have made your cuts, go ahead and put on a movie and start tweezing these cuts. It will definitely take some time, but it’ll be worth it!

6. Then you’re done!

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