Today, I’ll be sharing my opinion on essentials clothing items you need in your closet! These are items that I personally think will NEVER go out of style or trend! This is for anyone who is interested in learning more about fashion or who wants to get into fashion!

Disclaimer: this is my opinion only. I’m not a professional stylist or anything.

1. BASICS: this is CRUCIAL! A black and white T-shirt, tank, long sleeve, v-neck. Any will do! Something super simple is sometimes the best! I got all of these from Forever 21. The regular length ones were $3 and the cropped ones were $5. I wouldn’t spend too much on basic tops because it’s not worth it. But you can definitely find these anywhere!

2. Jean Jacket: I feel like a jean jacket is something that’ll always be a plus for an outfit! You can just throw it on top of anything and it’ll automatically turn cool! I got mine from Goodwill. I added the holes myself. But forever 21 has some really good ones! If you’re willing to spend more money, I would go to Levi’s!

3. Leather jacket: just like the jean jacket, the leather jacket is great for a more grunge, edgy look! This leather jacket is from forever 21 for about $30. I wish it was black, but grey will do!

4. Blue jeans: everyone needs AT LEAST 1 pair of jeans in their closet! I hear a lot of people say they look horrible in jeans, but that’s not true! Everyone looks great in jeans! You just have to find ones that fit good! I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE American Eagle jeans. They’re so nice around the butt and legs! They have so many different pairs of jeans as well! They can get kind of pricy depending on the style, but mine were $30-$40. Definitely invest in good pair. They usually last for years!

5. Black pants: similar to jean jeans, black jeans are something that are great for the closet too! I’ve actually worn these black pants to an interview! Sometimes, black pants are just better than blue jeans! Definitely get some ripped black jeans too! These forever 21 pants were only $10.

6. Button- up shirt: A button up shirt is always good to have in the closet! Its great for any interview, professional meet-up etc. I wore this one to an interview as well! This one is from Forever 21 as well, but I promise you, go to your local Goodwill or thrift store. They have SO MANY button up shirts in the mens and women’s section!


7. Bralettes: If you don’t like wearing regular bras, gets some barrettes! They’re just like sports bra, but lacey. They usually don’t have underwire, and they’re super comfy. They’re very flattering when they’re kind of exposed in some shirts and dresses. You can never really go wrong with one! They match anything. You can also find them in every color! Again, Forever 21, Aerie, and Urban Outfitters has some really good ones for good prices!

8. Sneakers: Black and white sneakers are so MUST HAVE! Everyone needs 1 pair of sneakers! For everyday wear! Nike’s, Van’s, Converse’s, etc.. The variety of different black and white sneakers are endless! I love my black vans, they go with any outfit! Super comfy, and good to walk in! Converse as well are great!


9. Nude heels: I love nude heels! I got both of mine from Target for about $25-$30. I love these because the heels are thicker and easier to walk in! Cause, ya girl cannot walk in heels very good! These are great because they’re so simple yet, so classy. Pair these up with a pair of jeans and you’ll still look good!


10. Hoop Earrings: Now, I know not everyone likes hoop earrings, but I love them! They just add sass into your outfit and its great when you want to add just a little more. I’m not sure where I got mine, but every store pretty much sells them these days!


Check out my youtube video!: ESSENTIALS CLOTHING ITEMS | 2018


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