Hey everyone! If you’re lazy like me and you put little to no effort into doing your hair for school, work, etc.. then keep reading and I’ll show you my go to hair styles when I don’t want to put any heat into my hair!

– disclaimer: I like to part my hair down the middle of my head, you don’t need to have a middle parting. Also, these hairstyles will work with straight or curled hair.

1. Slick back Tie up

Start off with split hair.

Go ahead and tuck your hair behind your ears and flatten your hair everywhere.

Tie your hair in a low pony tail and that’s it!

You can use hair spray or gel to make your hair more slick. This look is very sophisticated and classy.


Start off by taking your bangs out. And then go ahead and tie your hair in a low or high pony and that’s it!

I legit do this ALL the time! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see it! But this look is seriously so in trend and so cute! Definitely my favorite.


Go ahead and pull out your front bangs again and finish off with a side braid! I also went ahead and pulled my hair a bit apart from the braid so it looked thicker and that’s it for this one!

I love this hair style! It looks like you at least tried doing your hair!

Hope you guys enjoyed these lazy gurl hairstyles and try them out yourself!

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel instead if you want to watch the video!

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