HEY EVERYONE! Today, I’m bringing you another super easy DIY!! I feel like this has been around for a long time, but since spring is coming around, I figured why not add some more into my room! This DIY is sooo easy and fun, so let’s get started!!

You’re going to need:

-Fake flowers. I got mine at dollar tree. As you can tell, I got all white flowers, but you can get whatever kind of flowers you want! I don’t suggest getting real flowers and I also suggest getting different kinds of fake flowers unless you want them all the same! But totally up to you!


– Clear line. I just took some of my dads fishing line, but you can find clear line I’m sure anywhere. (Hobby lobby, Walmart, etc…)

-Wooden stick. You can find wooden sticks at hobby lobby for $.60!!! This is optional, but it’s better than taping the flowers onto the wall!

Step one: Cut the flowers off from the base since they’re all connected.

Step two: Separate into sections. I put 4 flowers on each piece of string.

Step three: This will be a bit time consuming, but totally worth it! I don’t have a specific length that I cut my strings into, but I made them fairly long. I suggest leaving a couple of inches from beginning so you have room to tie the string onto the wooden stick. All I did was double knot the fake flowers onto the string. I didn’t space them out very far from each other. But they will be facing downwards since the flowers have some weight to them compared to the string.

Step four: After you’re done tying all the flowers onto the string, go ahead and tie them onto the wooden sticks.

And that’s it!

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