Hey everyone! It’s 2018! And I’m here to bring some new modern, stylish, trendy home decor things you can DIY! Let’s get started!

1. DIY pillow!

These are sooo simple and easy to make!

Things you’ll need:

Fabric, obviously. You’ll only need 1/2 a yard of cotton fabric. There are so many different patterns and styles you can find! I’m making throw pillows for today! Fabric was bought at hobby lobby. Cotton! Super cheap and easy to find at hobby lobby as well! Then a sewing machine or some needle and thread. You really don’t need a sewing machine to make these, hand sewing will just take longer!

Step 1:

Measure out how big and long you’ll want your pillow. I made mine 15×15. Then cut.

Go ahead and turn the fabric inside out then start hand sewing or sewing an inch or two away.

Make sure you leave a 5-10 inch hole so you can stuff the pillow case with the cotton!!

After you’re done sewing go ahead and turn the fabric inside out again so the design I’m on the outside.

Go ahead and put the cotton inside the pillow case.

After you’re done stuffing the pillow case with cotton, go ahead and close up the rest of the hole, you can hand sew this or use fabric glue! Totally up to you! I just went ahead and hand sewed it.

After you’re done closing up the hole, go ahead and tie off the string so it didn’t come undone.

And that’s it! Totally easy and cute also afford since throw pillows (modern trendy ones especially) are sooo expensive these days!

2. DIY plant hanging

Things you’ll need:

– string or yarn

– plant holder, jar, vase (fairly small, you don’t want it to be too heavy)

– fake or real plant/ flower


Start out by cutting 8 pieces of string. Make sure they’re all the same sizes!

Go ahead and make one big knot with the string! I left some string sticking to make a cool effect. It doesn’t matter if you leave some string out or not.

Next step you’ll spread the pieces of string into 4 sections. Make sure they’re 2 pieces of string per section.

Take each section of string and tie them together.

Then you’ll take 2 pieces of string from the sections next to each other and tie them together. It looks like diamond shapes as you can see! I repeated this step 2 more times, go ahead and repeat this step as many times as you need depending on how big or small your jar or vase is. Also, the lining of the knots you make do NOT need to be the same length. Try to make them close together. If you want the knots to look nicer, go ahead and make them the same size, but it’s not a big deal if they aren’t.

Go ahead and test your jar or vase in your string.

I also made a knot on the top so everything stays together and that’s it!

3. Bohemian Wall decor

Things you’ll need:

– wooden sticks (the ones I had are 12 inches)

– circle rings ( the ones I have are 4 inches and 2 inches)

– yarn

– scissors

Go ahead and cut up 5-10 groups of 5 pieces of string. You can make them all the same size (like what I did) or make them different. It’s totally up to you.

Grab your wooden stick and let’s begin by taking a group of 5 pieces of string and fold it in half. Put the string behind the stick and pull the ends through. Make it tight! Then go ahead and repeat this step with the rest of the string.

I laid out the rings.

I cut out a long piece of string and went ahead and just made a knot on it. Along with making a knot to the ends of the wooden stick to make everything come together. The larger circle, I also cut a smaller string and just tied a knot to the smaller (main) circle to let it hang down so something is in the middle.

And that’s it!

4. DIY decorated plate

Things you’ll need:

– regular, plain plate. I got mine from Goodwill for $2.

– paint pens (you can find them at hobby lobby for $3) or sharpies

These are great because they’re super customizable. You can find amazing designs or inspiration off of Pinterest! I just went ahead and used my candle for a circle reference to help me make a nicer looking circle! I made a reef. To make the “leafs”, I actually just made hearts all the way around. Then I decided to write,” love more” with a little heart in the center and that’s it! These are soooo nice because it’s super cheap and cute!

I hope you guys enjoy these DIY’s, don’t forget to comment and like!

Also, check out my YouTube channel!

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